Decisions of a leader

  • Published
  • By Command Chief Master Sgt. Rob Safley
  • 301st Fighter Wing

Decisiveness is both a skill you can build and an internal state you can summon when you need it. Being a leader requires you to be able to make key decisions in an effective way. Decisiveness also means being able to make decisions quickly; it is simply the most rational way to take on any problem. You observe the information you have available and then you decide what would be the most successful course of action. There are many thoughts on how to be more decisive...check out the article below for a couple of tips.


My 9 cents: 1.) be smart about your organization, and have smart people you trust as sounding boards. 2.) practice makes perfect. You will find small decisions should only take 30 seconds and bigger around 5 minutes. 3.) the more information you can gather, the clearer the decision. 4.) part of your personal leadership paradigm should include a decision tree to help you consistently make good decisions. Hasty, or not thought out decisions can exacerbate an issue and make things worse. 


Happy decision making 301FW!

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