Remembering those who came before us

  • Published
  • By SMSgt Sylvia Budinich
  • 301 Medical Squadron
Has it happened to you? Have you been in public in uniform and a stranger say "Thank You" for your service?

Once, while dining with several squadron members, a stranger even paid for our lunch. Recently it happened to me when I was off base at a local store during lunch. It catches you by surprise and it is a humbling experience.

Once I responded, the kind soul then said he was also a veteran. I said, "Thank you for your service. I'm continuing to follow the fine traditions and high standards you have set for us."
It may have been a brief exchange in a store parking lot, but the memory and great feeling it leaves stays long after the moment.

What did you do on Memorial Day? Did you go to a local or national cemetery, visit a hospitalized veteran, or enjoy a parade in your community?

It's the official time to remember and honor all fallen heroes as well as those who previously served and are currently serving.
Memorial Day is not the only day I think about our veterans. I think of them and honor them each time I wear the uniform and remember the sacrifices made to defend our freedom so we can continue to enjoy living in the best country in the world.

My brother proudly served in the Marine Corps for many years on active duty and as a reservist. Our Medical Squadron is comprised of many members who served on active duty or in one of the other branches of the military. What a wealth and breath of experience they collectively bring to our squadron.

It is a distinctive honor and a privilege to wear the uniform, serve with each of you and pay homage to those who came before us; continue to wear it proudly and in conformance with AFI 36-2903 as each time you do you're honoring the veterans who served before us and are in their final resting place.
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