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If your question relates specifically to the 301st Fighter Wing, please see the questions below. If you have a question which is not addressed here, you may find the answer by visiting the Questions page of Air Force Link. If you have a general military question, please refer to the Department of Defense Frequently Asked Questions page.


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How can I find a list of Air Force bases, both in the United States and overseas? 

    The following links should direct you:
     --Department of Defense's Military Installations

I need to obtain the words to the Air Force song. Can you help me? 

    The Air Force Song - Full Lyrics 
by Robert Crawford, reprinted with permission
courtesy USAF Heritage of America Band 

The complete new lyrics are:
The U.S. Air Force Song (Adapted)**

Off we go into the wild blue yonder,
Climbing high into the sun;
Here they come zooming to meet our thunder,
At ‘em now, Give 'em the gun!
Down we dive, spouting our flame from under,
Off with one helluva roar!
We live in fame or go down in flame. Hey!
Nothing'll stop the U.S. Air Force!

(Verse II)
Brilliant minds fashioned a crate of thunder,
Sent it high into the blue;
Valiant hands blasted the world asunder;
How they lived God only knew!
Boundless souls dreaming of skies to conquer
Gave us wings, ever to soar!
With scouts before and bombers galore. Hey!
Nothing'll stop the U.S. Air Force!

(Verse III)
Here's a toast to the host
Of those who love the vastness of the sky,
To a friend we send a message of the brave who serve on high.
We drink to those who gave their all of old,
Then down we roar to score the rainbow's pot of gold.
A toast to the host of those we boast, the U.S. Air Force!

(Verse IV)
Off we go into the wild sky yonder,
Keep the wings level and true;
If you'd live to be a grey-haired wonder
Keep the nose out of the blue!
Fly to fight, guarding the nation's border,
We'll be there, followed by more!
In echelon we carry on.
Oh, nothing'll stop the U.S. Air Force!

Lyrics printed with permission from Carl Fischer, LLC.

Notes: Crawford didn't write "Hey!"; he actually wrote "SHOUT!" without specifying the word to be shouted. Wherever they appear, the words "U.S. Air Force" have been changed from the original "Army Air Corps." Words in parentheses are spoken, not sung. 

**All stanzas of the Air Force song have been updated to better capture and represent the valor and heritage of the 73-year-old service while also recognizing the diversity and contributions of today’s Total Force regardless of gender.

Article: Final changes to the Air Force song announced
Link -

How do I obtain a military aircraft for a civilian air show or community event? 

Requests for 301st Fighter Wing F-16 aircraft: 
     Anyone requesting support for 301st Fighter Wing F-16 participation in any event must first visit for information, requesting procedures and DD Form 2535 - Request for Military Aerial Support. 

     The 301st Fighter Wing requires a minimum of 30 days to consider a request. Requestors are responsible for obtaining approval from Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs (SAF/PA) office (using the information above) prior to contacting our wing. 

     Please E-mail with a description of the event, the time expecting the flyover (or window of opportunity), and contact information. Public Affairs can only escalate requests which have been made SAF/PA process.

     Approval by the Secretary of the Air Force does not commit the 301st Fighter Wing to any event. 

Requests for aircraft other than the 301st Fighter Wing F-16: 
     To request an aircraft from the Navy, Marines or Army, please contact the NAS Fort Worth JRB Navy Public Affairs Office at (817) 782-7815. Approval for any event must be coordinated through the respective branch of service headquarters via DD Form 2535. 

**It is recommended that the requestor fax a copy of the completed DD Form 2535 to all branches of service in the event that one of the military components at NAS JRB can not accommodate. The DD Form 2535 allows for the requestor to locate any other unit on another installation to provide a military aircraft for your event. 

Does Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base (Carswell) have a Base Exchange and Commissary? 

     Yes, NAS Fort Worth JRB has an AAFES Exchange as well as a BXtra/Class VI and DECA Commissary

     The AAFES Exchange located in Bldg 1880. Located alongside the Base Exchange are independent stores and a Food Court. The telephone number for the main exchange is (817) 738-1943. 

     The Commissary and BXtra/Class VI is in Bldg 1765, located in the vicinity of the Base Exchange. The telephone number for the Commissary is (817) 732-3681. The number to the BXtra which includes Class VI, Toyland, Garden Center, Furniture is (817) 377-8209 or 732-2706.

What facilities or services does Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base (Carswell) provide for military members and their families? 

NAS Fort Worth JRB has numerous services and facilities for military members and their families.  Please visit their site at:  NAS Fort Worth JRB.

My organization has collected a lot of items to send overseas to our troops. We heard that you can have them shipped via the military, how do we do that? 

     First, let us say that we greatly appreciate your support for our troops. 

     While donations of food and gifts for delivery overseas can no longer be accepted by us for transportation to the troops, interested Americans might consider contributing instead to military relief societies.     

     The Department of Defense has announced new ways for Americans to show
support for their servicemembers deployed overseas. The initiatives, made necessary by a moratorium on mail addressed to "Any Servicemember," provide alternatives to traditional letter-writing campaigns. DoD suggests that Americans support the troops by instead supporting the communities in which they live. 

     One way to show support is by doing a good deed on behalf of servicemembers. Visit a VA hospital or nursing home, or volunteer in the local community to help make up for servicemembers who normally would volunteer but are now deployed or otherwise too busy with their duties. Many servicemembers volunteer to coach children's teams, feed the homeless, and aid their communities in a variety of other ways. Interested Americans can show their support and honor their military by volunteering in their local communities. 

     Although many towns do not have a military base nearby, military recruiters are stationed nearly everywhere. Local governments and chambers of commerce are encouraged to reach out to these local members of the military, invite them to speak at community events, and encourage members of the community to learn more about America's military. 

     Members of the community who know military families might want to offer their support by reaching out to those families while their loved ones are deployed. 

     All of these initiatives are in response to the suspension of the "Any Servicemember" mail program for operations in Bosnia and Kosovo. Military postal officials will not be implementing a similar program for Operation Enduring Freedom. Operation Dear Abby, a morale booster for servicemembers overseas for more than 17 years, will also be suspended. DoD officials are working on alternatives to that program as well. 

     Servicemembers value and appreciate expressions of support from the American people, and these and other mail programs are a significant boost to morale. However, recent mail-related attacks have resulted in additional precautions and the safety of servicemembers is paramount. The increased manpower required to ensure safe mail handling coupled with the increased volume of mail that letter-writing campaigns generate could exceed capabilities, and therefore cannot be supported at this time. 

     Normal mail delivery addressed by name to individual servicemembers will continue uninterrupted. Please note that for security purposes, we can not release the names and addresses of our members currently serving overseas.

Where is Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base (Carswell) located?

     NAS Fort Worth JRB, Texas is located less then 10 miles west of downtown Fort Worth on U.S. Highway 183 just north of I-30.

     Driving Directions 
     --From I-30 East and West. Take Exit 7B onto Route 183. Follow 183 North for approximately 2 miles. Follow NAS JRB sign around circle to main gate. The circle is just north of the intersection of 183 and Roaring Springs Rd.
     --From I-20 East and West. Take Route 183W (Exit 431). Follow 183 for seven miles. Follow NAS JRB sign around circle to main gate. The circle is just north of the intersection of 183 and Roaring Springs Rd.
     --From DFW Airport. Take Route 360 South, merge onto I-30W. Take Exit 7B off I-30 onto Route 183. Follow 183 North for approximately 2 miles. Follow NAS JRB sign around circle to main gate. The circle is just north of the intersection of 183 and Roaring Springs Rd.

    Internet or GPS Directions
    --For directions obtained via the Web on some of the various map programs, you may use the following entries:

                                                   1303 Pumphrey Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76114
                                                    Fort Worth, TX 76127-1510 

                         or the following entries only:
                                                   City: Naval Air Station/JRB 
                                                   State: TX 
                                                   Zip Code: 76127-6200 

                        GPS Coordinates: 
                                                  32.764800, -97.421100
                                                  +32° 45' 53.28", -97° 25' 15.96"

Does the 301st Fighter Wing have programs to assist family members of military personnel? 

     The 301st Fighter Wing has a full-time Airman and Family Readiness support office and can be reached at (817) 782-7435. 

     NAS JRB has a Fleet and Family Support Center that aids all military branches of service. They can be reached at (817) 782-5287. 

     There are also the: 
           --Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society which can be reached at (817) 782-6000 
           --Air Force Aid Society for Reserve which can be reached at (817) 782-7435 
          --136th Airlift Wing Family Program Office (Texas Air National Guard) which can be reached at (817) 852-3558

Does the 301st Fighter Wing have an Air Force Honor Guard?

    No, the 301st Fighter Wing currently does not have an Air Force Honor Guard and Color Guard details.  However, the base has a Joint Honor Guard and Joint Color Guard details.  

 Does the Base Honor Guard perform Military Funeral Honors in the local area? 

     Funeral Honors for this area are handled by the Dyess Air Force Base Honor Guard.   Please contact MSgt. Christopher Ellis, Joint Service Honor Guard (NAS/JRB Fort Worth) 7th Bomb Wing Honor Guard (Dyess AFB) Duty phone: (325)-696-2813 Duty Cell : (325)-660-8696

Does Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base (Carswell) have a hospital? 

No. NAS Fort Worth JRB has a Navy Clinic that can only see active duty military personnel. 

NAS Fort Worth JRB does, however, have a pharmacy located in Bldg 1711:
Pharmacy Main Number (817) 782-5906 
Refill Call-in Number (877) 520-6582 
Pick-Up / Refill Area (817) 782-5929 
Tricare Mail Order Program (866) 363-8667 
Tricare Service Center (800) 444-5445 

I am a military retiree. Can I obtain an ID card at Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base (Carswell)? 

     Yes. Military ID cards for all branches of service for military members, retirees and family members are done at the Visitor's Control Center, Bldg 1302. They can be reached at (817) 782-5244, (817) 782-6419 or (817) 782-3369. 

     Visitors' Passes and Vehicle Decals can also be obtained at the Visitor's Control Center. Please ensure that you have current proof of insurance, valid driver's license and current vehicle registration. For more information, please call (817) 782-5377, (817) 782-5378 or (817) 782-5379.

I am interested in having a speaker from the 301st Fighter Wing visit my civic group. Is this possible? 

     The 301st Fighter Wing has a very active outreach program which provides speakers to civic and community organizations. Individuals interested in having a member of the 301st Fighter Wing provide a special program for their civic group should fill out the form located at 301st Fighter Wing Guest Speaker Form then contact the 301st Fighter Wing Public Affairs Office via Fax (817) 782-7306 or E-mail at with the following information found on the form: 
            Event name 
            Date, time, location 
            Sponsoring organization 
            What is the expected involvement of the speaker/participants 
            Type of audience, demographics if known 
            Approximate number in audience if known, or expected 
            Contact info of requestor to include: Cell phone, Fax number, E-mail address 

Does the 301st Fighter Wing provide legal services? 

     Legal services at the 301st Fighter Wing are provided for reserve military members assigned to the 301st Fighter Wing (including other Reserve or Air National Guard members requiring assistance) by the 301st Legal Office on the primary Unit Training Assembly weekend. Assistance may be provided during the week day on a case-by-case basis or upon legal staff availability. They can be reached at (817) 782-7620. 

     Legal services for all active duty military members and retirees of the active and reserve components are provided by the Navy Legal Services Office (NLSO). They can be reached at (817) 782-6007 or (817) 782-6008.

Do you have any lodging on Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base (Carswell)? 

There is the Navy Gateway Inns and Suites which includes VIP lodging, and Navy Lodge located by the lake on base.

Navy Gateway Inns and Suites:
Front Desk: (817) 782-5393
Reservations: (817) 782- 5483

Navy Lodge located on the lake:
Local Navy Lodge: (817) 569-1700
Local reservation e-mail:
National: 1-800-Navy-Inn or

I was born at the hospital at Carswell Air Force Base, how do I get my medical records? 

     The individual military departments do not maintain files or records pertaining to individuals no longer on active duty. When an individual is separated from military service (because of retirement, discharge from active duty, or death) his/her Field Personnel File (containing all military and health records) is forwarded for storage to the National Personnel Records Center (Military), 9700 Page Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63172. The Records Center is under the jurisdiction of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) of the U.S. Government. Their web site is
     For more information, please refer to question on Military Records.

How can I obtain military records? 

     The individual military departments DO NOT maintain files or records pertaining to individuals no longer on active duty. When an individual is separated from military service (because of retirement, discharge from active duty, or death) his/her Field Personnel File (containing all military and health records) is forwarded for storage to the National Personnel Records Center (Military), 9700 Page Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63172. The Records Center is under the jurisdiction of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) of the U.S. Government. Their web site is 
     An individual's complete service record is available to the former service member or, if deceased, to his/her next of kin (parents, spouse, or children). Limited information (such as dates of service, awards, and training) is available to anyone. Not available to the general public is information which would invade an individual's privacy, such as medical records, Social Security number, or present address. 

     The St. Louis Center receives many thousands of requests for service records each week, so please be aware that there may be a lengthy delay. The St. Louis Center will process requests with greater speed and accuracy if the requester uses a Standard Form 180, "Request Pertaining to Military Records." The form is available as a Portable Document File (PDF) (Please click here). If you do not have the reader software, it is available free of charge from the company which produces it, Adobe, (Please click here). 

     Also, the National Personnel Records Center is working to make it easier for veterans with computers and Internet access to obtain copies of documents from their military files. 

     Military veterans and the next of kin of deceased former military members may now use a new online military personnel records system to request documents. Other individuals with a need for documents must still complete the Standard Form 180 that can be downloaded from the online web site. 

     The new web-based application was designed to provide better service on these requests by eliminating the records center's mailroom processing time. Also, because the requester will be asked to supply all information essential for NPRC to process the request, delays that normally occur when NPRC has to ask veterans for additional information will be minimized. 

     Veterans and next of kin may access this application at
If you are having trouble downloading the form, you may request one from our office by submitting a question on this system. If you want us to send you the form, please include your name and postal address. 

     Standard Form 180, which contains instructions, is also available from most veterans organizations or by writing to the National Personnel Records Center. If requesting the records of a relative, a requester should mention the relationship to the former member (brother, uncle, or other). There is no charge for this service to former service members or their next of kin. For others, a nominal fee is charged for research and reproduction costs. (In this regard, files at the Records Center are maintained as historical records only and are not updated to reflect current data on the former service member.) 

     1) Contrary to published accounts, the Department has not published a "booklet on military records," but we hope the above information will be useful. 
     2) Of incidental interest for individuals compiling family histories: the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), 700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20408, (telephone: 202-501-5400) provides assistance to those interested in genealogy. NARA normally charges a nominal fee for research and reproduction costs.

Does Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base (Carswell) have any Morale, Welfare and Recreation services? 

     Yes. Please visit NAS Fort Worth JRB MWR for information on:
---Upcoming Events 
---Auto Hobby 
---Autorama Resale Lot 
---Bowling Alley 
---Conference Center 
---Gym/Fitness Center 
---Lakeside Oasis 
---Liberty Room/Single Sailor 
---Movie Theater 
---Picnic & Fields 
---Swimming Pool 
---Veterinary Services 

How can I get in touch with the Army, Navy and Marine and Texas Air National Guard units at Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base (Carswell)? 

Installation Phone Directory Recording - (817) 782-5000 

The following link will direct you to the various units on base: NAS Fort Worth JRB Units.

How do I get passports for me and my family? 

Contact information for the National Passport office:

Phone: 703-545-0003
Hours: Call for an appointment 

1) Contact a representative at the National Passport office for the location nearest you to set up appointment and determine required documents for appointment.

2) Fill out the passport application located at
For a passport renewal, fill out and print DS Form 82. For an initial passport application, fill out and print DS Form 11. The forms must have a barcode in the upper left corner.

3) Must have two passport photos at time of appointment.

Where can I obtain military memorabilia such as patches, stickers, uniform items, coffee mugs, etc? 

     The 301st Fighter Wing is not able to provide patches or uniform items. However, several private companies exist to meet your needs. 

Is there a way to find a number on base without the recorded operator?

Yes. The Installation Phone Directory.

I'm a military retiree and want to find out about Space "A" travel availability. How can I do this? 

     For information on Space "A" travel, please contact the Passenger Terminal at (817) 782-6288, (817) 782-6288, or a recorded message at (817) 782-6289. 



Does the 301st Fighter Wing provide tours to the public? 

     All requests specifically for tours of the 301st Fighter Wing (Air Force Reserve) aircraft and facilities must come through the Public Affairs Office. 
                 301st Fighter Wing contact info: 
                 Phone: (817) 782-7170 
                 Fax: (817) 872-7306 

     For groups wishing to visit the 301st Fighter Wing, please visit 301st Fighter Wing Community Relations Public Tours Request and fill out the form to submit your request via fax or e-mail with the following information via TOUR FORM process: 
             Name of the group 
             Number in group (limit 25 per group) 
             Range of ages (tours not open to children under age 12) 
             What the group would like to see 
             Why the group wants to visit the 301st Fighter Wing 
             Means of transportation arriving to base
             Name, e-mail, phone number and fax number of requestor 
             Primary and alternate date and time you wish to visit  

NAS JRB tours and ESGR tours: 
     All requests for base tours, which include the 301st Fighter Wing as part of the itinerary, must be coordinated through the Navy Public Affairs office at (817) 782-7815 or fax (817) 782-3293. These tours are conducted by reservation only on Thursdays during the months of April through October only.  There are no weekend tours. Tours are normally two-three hours beginning at 9:00 a.m. 

Civic Leader tours: 
     All Air Force and Air Force Reserve Command civic leader tour requests must be coordinated through the 301st Fighter Public Affairs office. Other services' civic leader tours should be coordinated through the Navy Public Affairs office at (817) 782-7815 or fax (817) 782-3293. 

Is there a TRICARE representative on base?

There are no TRICARE representatives on NAS Fort Worth JRB. Please contact the (800) number listed below. 

Ft Worth BMC/Carswell BRAC TSC
2821 Lackland Road
Suite 210
Fort Worth, TX 76116
(800) 444-5445 


TRICARE Region South Web page - allows for e-mailing capability.
Humana Military Healthcare Services, Inc.
(South Region) (800) 444-5445
DEERS (800) 538-9552
Military Medical Support Office (888) 647-6676
TRICARE Dental Program (800) 866-8499
TRICARE For Life/Dual Eligibles (866) 773-0404
TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy (866) 363-8667
TRICARE Online (TOL) (800) 600-9332
TRICARE Retail Pharmacy (866) 363-8779
TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (888) 838-8737
US Family Health Plan (800) 748-7347

Find a Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinator 
Find a Military Treatment Facility 

I am interested in getting in contact with a buddy I used to be stationed with in the Air Force. Can you help? 

     Individuals who are trying to contact current or former members of the Air Force are encouraged to contact the Worldwide Locator service located at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas. The telephone number to the Worldwide Locator is (210) 565-2479. 

Copy and paste link to Worldwide Locator:

Phone Number

Public Affairs - 817-782-5000