CFC: this time you can make the difference

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. John Moyer
  • 301st Fighter Wing
The 301st Fighter Wing Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is about to begin. Our goal is 100 percent contact before the regular CFC season end here Nov. 14. 

Contributions through the combined federal campaign are completely voluntary. Commanders and supervisors must ensure no members feel any coercion to contribute. 

For those who do choose to contribute, the easiest method for civilian employees /Air Reserve Technicians / Active duty military and Active Guard Reserves is through payroll deduction; amounts as low as one dollar per pay period may be selected for contribution to any organization of choice as listed in the CFC brochure. 

Traditional reservists assigned to the 301st FW may contribute through cash or check, however, due to the sporadic nature of traditional reserve duty, payroll deduction is not available for traditional reservists at this time. 

There are a wide range of worthy organizations involved in the campaign this year so whatever your interests, there is likely an organization you might like to support through the CFC. You are urged to review the participating organizations in the available CFC brochure and, when your unit key worker meets with you, consider contributing to the organization of your choice.
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