Scobee, Kelly outline vision, mission priorities

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Lt. Gen. Richard Scobee, Chief of the Air Force Reserve, and Air Force Reserve Command Chief Ericka Kelly unveiled the new mission, vision and priorities for the Air Force Reserve and Reserve Citizen Airmen in a letter dated Nov. 5:

Today, we find ourselves at an inflection point-China and Russia are challenging our military advantage. Strategic competition from these revisionist powers is now our primary national security challenge. How we address this challenge will determine our Nation's strategic positioning for the next generation.

Future conflicts will transcend domains and regions, with increasing speed, reach, and complexity, but the Air Force Reserve's (AFR's) purpose remains constant. We exist to provide strategic depth and operational capability for the Joint Force, and our vision and mission reflect this:

Vision: Reserve Citizen Airmen -an agile, combat-ready force answering our Nation's call. .. always there!

Mission: Provide combat-ready forces to fly, fight, and win.

To meet our vision and mission requires a more lethal, resilient, and dynamic AFR. We must be able to compete, deter, and win conflicts in contested environments. As an organization built around war-fighting, we must create an environment that empowers our Reserve Citizen Airmen, capitalizing upon our unique strengths and collective wisdom to re-imagine how we organize, train, and equip. Aligned with the National Defense Strategy (NDS) and Air Force directives, the Command Chief and I are establishing the following strategic priorities:

Prioritize strategic depth and accelerate readiness: We will ensure we have the strategic depth required for future conflicts by shifting focus away from areas that are not aligned with preparedness for war. We will relentlessly accelerate readiness and work to expeditiously establish new training, assessment, and resourcing models to achieve readiness for future multi-domain operations.

Develop resilient leaders: We will identify, develop, and retain leaders who combine emotional intellect with the innate characteristics required to win in future operating environments. These leaders must be able to operate independently, build trust in their units, and create an environment that enables Airmen to take smart risks and generate combat power.

Reform the organization: We will reform and modernize the AFR force structure to achieve NOS objectives and leverage Reservists' experience from industry to infuse best practices, especially in areas like talent management, financial operations, medical readiness, space, and cyberspace.

Achieving these priorities requires bold leadership. We expect leaders at every level to focus on these priorities, enhance trust, and create the culture required to build a more lethal and ready force. Our Airmen are an amazing force with a heritage of greatness, which we should continue to build upon. We must promote an environment where Airmen can challenge assumptions, break through dogmatic thinking, and be innovative.

Our commitment to you is unwavering-be bold! Take smart risks, be fiscally responsible, and move us forward. We will give the Numbered Air Forces and Wings clear direction on what they should focus on now and what they will prepare for in the future. As the Command Chief and I get out to see you, we look forward to hearing from Reservists at all levels on specific ways their teams are implementing AFR's strategic priorities.

We have the utmost confidence you will rise to the occasion and seize the initiative. As our heritage reflects ... always there!

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