Air Force introduces Two-Line Promotion Recommendation Forms for Officer Promotions

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  • By Air Reserve Personnel Center Public Affairs

The Air Force is transitioning to a new Two-Line Promotion Recommendation Form (PRF) for officers, effective September 2019. 

This initiative impacting the Total Force was approved by the Secretary of the Air Force in April 2019 and will be implemented by the Air Reserve Component during the CY19 USAFR Colonel Promotion Board, convening Oct. 21, 2019.

Senior raters may present their comments in either narrative or bullet format and content will be reduced from 9-lines to 2-lines, clearly communicating to the promotion board why they should (or should not) promote an officer.

PRFs were created with the intent to document the senior official’s performance-based assessment of an officer’s potential to serve in the next higher grade. In order to abide by the original intent of the PRF, and provide full transparency to officers, this new initiative focuses on the documented record of performance and enhances the senior rater’s voice directly to the promotion board.

The PRF will no longer be a summary of information contained in the officer’s record, but instead, allow the senior rater to provide performance-based differentiation and characterization of the eligible officer's potential to serve in the next higher grade. 

Other changes include comments or pushes for items that are decided through other processes or means such as developmental education and assignments, are not authorized on the new PRF format.

Stratification guidelines for PRFs have also changed and provides the promotion board a better potential-based differentiation of officers.  The use of stratification statements from anyone other than the senior rater is prohibited and a senior rater may not quote stratification from another evaluator or source. 

For more information and guidance regarding the new changes to PRFs, visit the Officer Promotions page on ARPC website or visit myPers.

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