301 FW 2020 Annual Award Nominees & Winners

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Congratulations to the 2020 301st Fighter Wing Annual Award Nominees and Winners:

Airman of the Year:

SrA June Dial, 44FG (WINNER)

SrA Claudia Nava, 301 MDS         

SrA Michael Seeger, 301 MDS

SrA Don Huynh, 301 MSG/FSS   

A1C Johnathon DeMet, 301 MXG

A1C Shannon Wiemers, 301 OG

SrA Jonathan Hertneky, 301 FW/CP


Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year:

TSgt Elimene Merizier, 44 FG

TSgt Megan Harvey, 301 FW/MDS

SSgt Jose Pena, 301 MSG/FSS

TSgt Dimitri Briscoe, 301 MXG (WINNER)

TSgt Shannon Tayfel, 301 OG/457 FS

TSgt Melissa Harvey, 301 FW/PA


Senior Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year:

MSgt Kyle Umphrey, 44 FG/MXS

SMSgt Darrell Tomblin II, 301 MDS (WINNER)

MSgt Marcus Collier, 301 MDS

MSgt Pamela Beverly-Brown, 301 MSG/LRS

MSgt Ernest Olivares Jr, 301 MXG

MSgt Jeremy Roman, 301 FW/PA

MSgt Jeremy Beachy, 301 OG/OSF


Civilian Category I of the Year:

Mr. Gregory Alexander, 44 FG/MXS (WINNER)

Ms. Jennifer Anderson, 301 FW


Civilian Category II of the Year:

Ms. Mary Arnold, 301 FW (WINNER)

Mr. Cameron Bailey, 44 FG

Ms. Wannisa Sanftner, 301 MXG

Mr. Robert Ivey, 301 MSG

Ms. Liz Rodriguez, 301 OG


Civilian Category III of the Year:

Ms. Samantha Boswell, 301 MDS (WINNER)

Mr. James Cavin, 301 MSG/FSS

Mr. Derek Eubanks, 44 FG/MXS

Mr. Bradley Wheeler, 301 MXG


Company Grade Officer of the Year:

Capt Elizabeth Van Patten, 44FG/MXS

Capt Jessica Gross, 301 FW/PA

Capt Lara Stahl, 301 MDS (WINNER)

Capt Petra Reid, 301 MSG/LRS

Capt Andrew See, 457 FS

Capt Melissa Torchon, 301 MXG


Field Grade Officer of the Year:

Lt Col Heather Benn, 301 MSG/FSS

Lt Col Todd Main, 301 FW/FM

Lt Col Jason Rogers, 301 MDS

Maj Jason Reigart, 44 FG

Maj Matthew Strongin, 301 OG (WINNER)

Maj Kelly Ryan, 301 MXG


First Sergeant of the Year:

SMSgt Nathan McReynolds, 301 MSG/LRS (WINNER)

MSgt Cassandra Hernandez, 44 FG/301 FS

SMSgt Matthew Deputy , 301 MXG/MXS


Recruiter of the Year:

MSgt Robert Hughes, 301 RS (WINNER)


HD Green Award:

SSgt Pena Ricardo, 301 MSG/FSS

CMSgt Angela Rooney, 301 MSG/LRS (WINNER)

TSgt Elizabeth Surprenant, 301 MSG/FSS

SMSgt Jonique Young, 301 FW/WSA


Key Spouse of the Year:

Mrs. Erin Copley


The ZOOM recording of the 301st Fighter Wing Virtual 2020 Annual Awards Ceremony can be found here:


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