301 FW March 2021 enlisted promotees

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  • By 301 FW Commander Col. Allen Duckworth

301 FW Family!

Please join us in another congratulations for ALL our March 2021 enlisted promotees below! Terrific job warriors and keep up the great work!





Commander, 301st Fighter Wing


Master Sgt.:

Rodney Hankerson, 44th Fighter Group Maintenance Squadron

Catherine Anderson, 301 FW Logistic Readiness Squadron

Marshall Bridges, 301 FW Medical Squadron

Jacob Schwen, 301 FW Communications Squadron

Efrain Gonzalez, 301 FW MXS

Lloyd Brydie, 301 FW Aircraft Maintenance Squadron


Tech. Sgt.:

Benjamin Taylor, 301 FW LRS

Tashae Love, 301 FW LRS

Amanda Rehberg, 301 FW Force Support Squadron

Justin Etheredge, 301 FW AMXS

Jared Moore, 301 FW AMXS

Aaron Smith, 301 FW MXS


Staff Sgt.:

William Anderson, 301 FW MXS

Casey Clopton, 301 FW MXS

Jesus Garcia, 301 FW Security Forces Squadron

Labreina Robinson, 301 FW SFS

Consuelo Sanchez, 301 FW SFS

Esteban Ramirez, 73rd Aerial Port Squadron

Quinones Fuentes, 301 FW Maintenance Group

Aaron Middlebrooks, 301 FW MXG

Rashad Madry,  44 FG Aerospace Medical Flight

Jacob Lewis,  301 FW MXS

Damien Pruitt, 301 FW MXS

Michael Sanchez, 301 FW MXS

Desrick Pinkney, 301 FW MXS

Christopher Sarder, 301 FW MXS

Erin Terry, 301 FW FS/Aircrew Flight Equipment

Norman Travis, 301 FW LRS

Michael Trevino, 301 FW LRS

Marcus Venus, 301 FW AMXS

Latiara Woodard, 301 FW MXG


Senior Airman:

Daniella Sanchez Reyes, 301 FW FSS

Sebastian Madrigal, 73 APS

Erica Deangelo, 301 FW MDS

Wendy Vo, 301 FW MDS


Airman First Class:

Charmayne Koinage, 301 FW MDS

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