CMSAF 19 visits 301 FW, inspires Reserve Citizen Airmen

  • Published
  • By Capt. Jessica Gross, 301st Fighter Wing Public Affairs

Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force JoAnne S. Bass spoke at an All-Call Event with members of the 301st Fighter Wing, Nov. 6, 2021. She and Diamond One, Chief Master Sgt. Mike Perry, Air Force first sergeant special duty manager, took time out of their schedule to speak to and interact with the Reserve Citizen Airmen.

“We embody one team, one fight…our active duty, reserve, guard, and civilian teammates are critical to our mission,” said Bass. “…but in the Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard, these citizen Airmen are already multi-capable because of their civilian lives and they have the community connection which active-duty may not be successful as a force we need to be good at multiple things.”

Bass spoke on a variety of subjects to include the reason why people who serve in the U.S. Air Force make it a great organization, she shared ways to make an impact at the unit level and how foundationally important treating each other well is to healthy culture creation.

“The most important things I will take away [from this call] is we’ve got to take care of our personnel. We’ve got to take care of our people. That’s the number one thing,” said Senior Master Sgt. Tiffany Dearman, 301st Fighter Wing Maintenance Squadron munitions flight chief. “[As supervisors] ensure we are checking on [our people] and that they are okay. Then… we have to make sure they are trained and doing all we can to make sure they are ready.”

Bass also spoke to the pivotal role Reserve Citizen Airmen play in the total force concept, their vital contribution towards the overall Air Force mission and why Airmen must always maintain readiness in order to respond to any global threat.

“My major takeaway was our need to advance and continue to stay ahead of any [potential world military] near-peers who themselves are advancing,” said Senior Master Sgt. Tucker Sanftner, 24th Fighter Squadron senior enlisted leader. “Our Airmen need to understand who is sitting across the [world] table from us and understand the tools, procedures and skills available to us [to better help us combat] any adversary on any domain, be it cyber, informational or physical…the need for readiness is real. I told my Airmen you will not get a better strategic enlisted view than from literally the highest enlisted person on the strategic Air Force level. Having Chief Bass here was phenomenal.”

After an initial address, Bass opened up the floor for a Q&A session and invited everyone to be candid with her understanding that Reserve Citizen Airmen live in the everyday real world. Before the event’s end, Chief Bass took a moment to recognize Senior Master Sgt. Nate McReynolds, 301 FW Yellow Ribbon Program Office event manager/301 FW Medical Squadron surgical services non-commissioned officer in charge, and Staff Sgt. Johnnie Day, 301 FW Logistics Readiness Squadron, as superior performers. 

“Our Reservists amaze me every day,” said Bass as she recognized the superior performers. “You all make a difference.”

Diamond One Chief Perry echoed those sentiments as he shared what he hopes the 301 FW warriors would walk away with along with what the visiting chiefs will take with them.

“Our nation began as a community and was defended by citizens. Today, our nation continues to be a community and is defended by [Reserve] Citizen Airmen like we have here. What our Airmen bring to the fight is crucial, critical and there is no way we can continue to be the greatest nation without our reservists,” Perry concluded. “When you visit a fighter wing, you know you’re going to feel freedom. When you put the 301st in front of that, visit the different units here and experience the culture, you immediately see and feel freedom and that sense of pride in how [this wing] fights.”

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