301 FW Honorary Commanders tour Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Randall Moose
  • 301st Fighter Wing

301st Fighter Wing Honorary Commanders toured Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth with 301 FW senior leadership and civic leaders on December 20, 2021.

The tour began with a breakfast social at the installation  bowling alley. Then the group visited the installation’s Military Working Dog facility for and obedience demonstration hosted by U.S. Navy Security. After, the group toured the 301 FW hangar to meet with 301 FW Maintenance Airmen. The tour finished with a lunch social.

 “I loved the tour,” said Vic Weir, 301 FW Maintenance Squadron Honorary Commander. “It is just great to be able to see what Airmen do to keep us safe. Seeing the military working dogs? Awesome. Seeing how the jets are readied? Awesome.”

The tour facilitated another opportunity within the Honorary Commander Program to provide Honorary Commanders and civic leaders insight into the 301 FW’s mission to train and deploy combat ready Airmen.

 “It is so special to me because the average person doesn't have any idea what the base does to keep us safe,” said Weir. “This tour allows us to get a good insight of what it takes to run the Air Force.”

This event also allows 301 FW Airmen the chance to share their Air Force Reserve stories and get to know leaders of the local community in which they may live.

“The Honorary Commanders program, for us has, been an eye opener,” said Jennifer Trahan 301 FW MXS commander. “I did not realize that the civilian population in this area did so much for us.

Many of the wing senior leadership walked away from the installation tour reflecting on the benefits of the Honorary Commander Program.

“It is a blessing to see the Honorary Commanders relate to our Airmen and get to know them, along with a great opportunity for our Airmen to show off what they do,” said Trahan. “As a commander, I have an amazing role to help build that relationship, and I am proud of what we have.”

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