301 FSS Customer Support Announcement

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301 FSS is excited to announce the following customer service enhancements:

  • The 301st Force Support Squadron has moved towards a new customer ticket case management system, called Virtual Force Support ticketing system (vFSS). Please see attached flier and ticket submission tutorial is located on vFSS. All tickets sent previously, via e-mail, will still be worked.
  • We have implemented a new ID Card Appointment system through RAPIDS. No need to call, email, or walk in to make future appointments. All done through: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/
  • 301 FSS has consolidated all our organizational boxes into one, which is called: 301FSS.Customer.Service@us.af.mil. Any future emails sent to the old organizational boxes will be auto-forwarded to the new.
  • vFSS will lead all customers to current in person wait times and allow customers to sign in the virtual waiting line. We do ask members to take advantage of the texting feature, so you do not have to come in and wait around. You will have 15 mins to arrive once texted.
  • vFSS offers customers a quick grab option, proving 24/7 access to essential documents.

How do I access?

If you are located on base or at home on VPN, you will submit all future questions and service requests through Virtual Force Support ticketing system.

If you are not able to access VPN from home, you can submit your request through 301FSS.Customer.Service@us.af.mil.

What if I am having troubles or want to talk to a physical person?

We understand! Please use the following:  

Education and Training Flight:         Flight Chief, SMSgt James Cavin @ James.Cavin.3@us.af.mil // 739-6977

Military Personnel Flight:                 Flight Chief, MSgt Damion Howell @ Damion.Howell@us.af.mil // 739-6854

Customer Support: 739-6852 // Force Management: 739-6854 // Career Development: 739-6915 // IPR: 739-6950 // Personnel Systems Manager:  739-7597 // Wing Career Advisor: 739-6869

Sustainment Flight:                        Flight Chief, MSgt James Loucks @ James.Loucks.3@us.af.mil // 739-3467

How can I share more ideas on how to help enhance customer service?

Easy, open your phone camera and use one of the attached QR codes to provide feedback.

All these enhancements are intended to provide clarity, improved communications, transparency, accountability, and also to streamline access to support services. We hope we can do all this and give you all back time to focus on the mission!

Public Affairs (817) 782-5000