317th AW provides Agile Combat Employment during exercise Patriot Fury

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  • 7th Bomb Wing Public Affairs

Members from the 317th Airlift Wing sent four C-130J Super Hercules in support of the wing’s ninth Agile Combat Employment exercise during Patriot Fury from Aug. 26 - Sept. 1, 2022.

"This exercise, apart from many others, is founded on the ability of ACE to sustain the maneuverability requirements of our joint warfare partners by challenging our logistical systems," said Capt. Patrick Holloran, the C-130J mission commander for Patriot Fury.

ACE is a proactive and reactive operational scheme of maneuver executed within threat timelines to increase survivability while generating combat power. When applied correctly, ACE complicates the enemy’s targeting process, creates political and operational dilemmas for the enemy, and creates flexibility for friendly forces.

"ACE is the future of accelerating change to better accomplish the mission by developing the necessary tactics, techniques and procedures for survivability and combat effectiveness to compete with our near-peer adversaries," said Holloran.

"This was a successful implementation of ACE, our ability to integrate with Combat Air Forces by providing guidance and support," said Holloran. "There were plenty of lessons learned. Our aircrews were exposed to many unique training opportunities such as high altitude-low opening jumps, fighter integration, and difficult landing situations.  We also demonstrated our ability to be quickly retasked, shifting resources to focus the fight when needed elsewhere.”

The 317th AW’s participation in Patriot Fury ensured the production of more experienced aircrews while proactively increasing the survivability of personnel and Air Force assets while generating tactical airlift.

"We gained valuable experience from Patriot Fury, particularly from exposure to a realistic view of the joint environment enabling better preparation for any potential future combat operations with a peer adversary," said Holloran.

The 317th AW continues to lead the Air Force in their implementation of ACE by combining the concepts, lessons learned and successes of this and previous exercises. 

“Participation in Patriot Fury enabled further development of a more experienced and capable crew force.  In a future fight, we will need every Airmen, joint partner and asset to bring an agile force anywhere," said Col. Thomas Lankford, 317th AW commander.

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