In a season of change, the mission remains the same

  • Published
  • By Colonel Richard Scobee
  • 301 FW Commander
I know rumor season is upon us and with everything going on I wanted to announce some great moves that will be happening in the Wing. Although we don't have exact dates for some of these moves I would rather give as much information as possible as soon as possible.
Colonel Bob Mortensen, our vice wing commander has been offered a job of increased breadth and responsibility as his talent has caught the attention of our Command. He is one of the finest officers I've worked with and I look forward to his continued contributions to the Reserve. Col Mortensen's farewell will be announced once the plans have been finalized.
It is also my pleasure to announce that Colonel (Select) Keith Knudson will be filling the position of vice wing commander. Colonel Knudson has had enormous impact in our organization and we look forward to expanding his expertise across the entire wing.
As you already know, the Operations Group Commander, Colonel Bruce Cox, has been selected to move to the Numbered Air Force. His expertise and knowledge will be a great help with the many and diverse missions of the 10th Air Force operations division. This is a developmental position for advancement in the Reserve and there is no one more deserving or capable.
Our new operations group commander will be Lieutenant Colonel Kurt Gallegos from the 419th Fighter Wing at Hill Air Force Base, Utah. Col Gallegos is a long-time F-16 instructor with significant combat experience. He has just returned from combat operations in Afghanistan and is a perfect choice to continue the legacy that Colonel Cox will be handing over.
As previously announced, Colonel Linda McCourt, from the 944th at Luke AFB, Ariz., will be our new Mission Support Group commander. Colonel McCourt's resume is extensive, having previously commanded both an F-16 maintenance group and support group.
We continue to produce and gain world class Airmen in the 301st. Please help me welcome our incoming commanders and commend our outgoing warriors.
Since I already have your attention, I also want to assure you all, no matter what the rumor mill has you worried about, if you are in the 301st Fighter Wing, life is good. Our sustained unit growth and mission has us contributing to our nation's strength, in the same or greater numbers as we are now, for as long as anyone is tracking. Our continued contributions and inclusiveness with other units don't go unnoticed. Our reputation is peerless and every commander from the Chief down speaks of our greatness.
The easiest job in the world is to work with such great Airmen and watch what you do everyday...I am humbled -- and that is saying a lot!
Keep doing great for America...and if you're not, I got my eye on you.
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