To some an obstacle, to others an opportunity

  • Published
  • By Col Richard Scobee
  • 301 FW Commander
   I know this will be a shock, but I don't look forward to inspections any more than you do. I can barely keep myself seated to organize emails. I'd rather visit each one of you to tell you how happy I am to be working with you. There's no doubt in my mind that whatever you're doing is more interesting than what I do. But the reality is, with every job comes tests. Although the term Unit Compliance Inspection strikes fear and dread in our hearts, that's all it really is - a test. I even know that it's one we can "ace." I'll tell you why.
   Plenty of people out there are content to achieve status quo in their jobs without any sense of accomplishment or drive to make their organizations better. That definitely is not the case here at the 301st Fighter Wing. Not only is there an elevated sense of duty here, but there is also something within each of us that drives us to do more than average. It's that same drive that pushed you to join the Air Force Reserve in the first place.
   Believe me; I understand that it's all too easy to see a UCI as an obstacle in the path of daily tasks. And I also know that we may have a few areas that need more attention than others. But that doesn't mean we can't all exceed the expectations set before us. And we still have several months to get ourselves ready.
   But there is another way to look at the upcoming inspection. This is a chance to show the Air Force Reserve how well we do our jobs. After all, unless I take you with me to meet each wing commander and unit director, how else will the Air Force Reserve know that this is the best wing in the military?
   For real success, each unit will have to step up and strive for absolute excellence. And I know every one of you will be giving your all to shine with your unit, because that's why you were brought into this awesome team. We all expect a lot of each other because we expect a lot of ourselves. With that mindset, I can see all of us being part of an Outstanding Unit.
   Our goal is to be the best we can at training and preparing our Reservists and their families for the challenges of deployment. If we do that our hard work will pay off by getting the mission done and we'll bring back all of our Airmen safely. Heck, that's what we've always done. This is our chance to show the Air Force Reserve how well we do it.
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