Praise Him for the gifts He brings this holiday season

  • Published
  • By Maj Mark McDaniel
  • 301st Fighter Wing
One morning, on the way to work at my civilian job, I heard an interview from a 106-year old woman on National Public Radio's Morning Edition. She was the daughter of an emancipated slave. The interviewer enumerated all of the historical events this woman had witnessed - many of which were horrific. Outside of the political rancor and debate, what occurred last night, November 4, 2008, was stunningly historic.   

This one woman's life bridges two very distinct era's in our history. Today, the United States of America has moved one step closer to the dream envisioned by our founders, Abraham Lincoln, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This year's election displayed the greatness of our country where once an individual from an enslaved and segregated race could now be elected President of our nation.   

President Elect Barack Obama does not reflect the political views of almost 50 percent of our country, but he is will now become our president.  The challenges of the ensuing days will be keen. As military members we must adjust to a new commander-in-chief. As people of faith, we must follow the admonishment of the Scriptures and be committed to pray for our leaders, especially our president. 

In the end, we must remember that no political figure can save us completely from economic hardship or external threats to our national security. We must trust in the Sovereign King who reigns above the leaders of nations. Providence has brought us to this point in history, and providence will continue to direct and lead all nations until the consummation of days.   

During this holiday season, may our focus be returned to the ancient of days and praise Him for his gifts of liberty, freedom, and prosperity. Our thoughts and prayers go out to deployed and deploying members of our unit and their families. We ask for God's richest blessings upon the 301st Fighter Wing as she continues to fight against those who oppose our values, principles and way of life.
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