Path to greatness remains with you

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Kevin McWashington
  • 301st Aerospace Medicine Squadron
Each Unit Training Assembly, the training requirements that greets each Airmen seems never to diminish but, instead, continues to increase. From fitness training to countless computer-based training modules, when is there ever time for an Airman to become proficient in the craft the Air Force has spent thousands of dollars to ensure? 

In his book entitled My American Journey, General Colin L. Powell surmises "...leadership is the art of accomplishing more than the art of management says is possible." The only way to overcome the barriers that confront our squadrons, groups and wing is through innovative and capable leaders! 

The best ideas don't always come from the individuals with the most rank. Many creative approaches to resolving issues and removing barriers are birthed in the thoughts of those junior in rank. 

To accomplish more than is said possible, good leaders must therefore become great listeners! Leadership must remain receptive to inputs from within, because the adjustments in policies and procedures influence us all. Leaders must continue to foster a culture of inclusion to solicit dialog and implement change. 

Entities such as the Wing Advisory Council provides a venue for Airmen to discuss issues that affect wing personnel, then formulate recommendations and ultimately share those issues with the wing commander. 

The path to greatness remains with the men and women who serve this wing and we must challenge one another to achieve this goal. Take ownership of the keys to success for our wing by remaining dedicated to our cause and vigilant to improving our force. The combination of insightful communication and receptive leadership is sure to contribute to achieving the impossible!
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