301st Maintenance reorganization involves transformation

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Bill Kountz
  • 301st Maintenance Group
When I was asked to write an article for this month's Fighter Line I was given a suggested topic of the upcoming reorganization. The timing to talk about this is perfect since Chief of Staff Air Force General Michael Moseley just released the Global Wing Organizational Structure, Program Action Directive to officially initiate the reorganization. 

I'm sure some of you are saying, "reorganization, not again?", but I'd remind you that flexibility is the key to air power. The dynamic environment of a nation at war, reductions in manpower and recapitalization of our Air Force inevitably drives us to change over time. I encourage everyone to read about this reorganization, understand the reasons and embrace the change. 

I believe there are two statements from General Moseley that encapsulate the reason for the reorganization. First, he said, "I believe the most effective formula is to structure the Air Force units by mission and not by function, and aligning maintenance units responsible for sortie generation together with the flying squadrons they support is best for our Air Force." 

General Moseley also said, "The squadron is the building block of Air Force organization structure, and they must be organized for success. " The new Global Wing Organizational Structure puts these ideas into a wing structure ready to meet the Air Forces ongoing transformation. 

With these concepts in mind, the current Aircraft Maintenance Squadron will be moved under the Fighter Squadron as a Maintenance Flight responsible for sortie generation. This will put the primary combat sortie generation elements together as one team focused on sortie production ready to deploy and fight in any environment. In addition to sortie production, the Operations Group will be responsible for fleet heath and Quality Assurance functions. 

To meet these requirements the Quality Assurance Flight will move directly under the Operations Group Commander and the maintenance management functions of Plan, Scheduling and Documentation, Analysis and Maintenance Operations Center will move to the Operations Support Squadron. This organization will ensure the Operation Group, our primary combat element, has the resources necessary to maintain ready Airmen and aircraft for global deployment. 

To follow along with the concept of being structured based on mission, the current Maintenance Group will be replaced by the Materiel Group to meet the wing's entire logistics requirements. The Materiel Group will be responsible for repair cycle, distribution, materiel management, deployment operations, and logistics planning. 

To accomplish this, the Materiel Group will consist of the Maintenance Squadron currently in the Maintenance Group and the Logistics Readiness Squadron and Aerial Port Squadron from the Mission Support Group. All three of these squadrons will move in whole to the Materiel Group. 

Additionally, during this wing reorganization, the Program Action Directive also directs an internal reorganization of the Logistics Readiness Squadron to meet Logistics Readiness transformation goals. The global wing structure positions the logistics functions for future transformation initiatives. 

Again, I encourage all Airmen in the wing to understand this reorganization, support the initiative and do your part to make it a smooth transition. Regardless of organizational structure, this wing has a long standing tradition of excellence and teamwork. 

I know we will embrace this change and show once again that we are "An Unrivaled Wingman" ready to support the CSAF.
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