Reservists balance life taskings by keeping a clear focus

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Jack Mills
  • 301st Fighter Wing
The October Unit Training Assembly provides a well-deserved opportunity to relax, bring the family, and enjoy an afternoon at the Family Day Extravaganza and Picnic. Even as many of you are catching your breath from the last deployment, we are looking at another deployment next year. 

In an environment where the only constant is change, we are in the process of recapitalization (downsizing personnel to get money for new equipment) and redefining the way the U.S. Air Force operates. Just to keep it all interesting, we are switching to Airman Battle Uniforms so we can eliminate Battle Dress Uniforms and Desert Camouflage Uniforms along with a known desire to swap out dress uniforms as well. 

You balance family, career, education, and still find time to serve your country in the Air Force Reserve. You show up for a UTA and are asked to do increasingly more tasks and training, but to get it done within the same amount of time. You are also expected to balance the mission of your shop, unit, group and wing -- they don't necessarily always fall into perfect alignment despite your best efforts because your leaders are continually adapting to change as well. 

Who is the most important person in the 301st Fighter Wing? It's a simple answer: You are the most important person in the 301st Fighter Wing. Truth is, we need every single person we have to take care of the mission and you do that, day in and day out. 

I want to thank each and every enlisted member for your service and your patriotism. I hope you will take a little time on the October UTA to relax and enjoy the biggest benefit of military service - camaraderie with your brothers and sisters-at-arms.
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