Demonstrate leadership in the presence of adversity

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Kevin McWashington
  • 301st Aerospace Medicine Squadron
Base realignments and closures, reduction in forces, uniform changes and Enlisted Performance Report/Officer Performance Report revisions highlight today's Air Force. So much variability in our service can raise the eyebrow of the most optimistic of military professionals. What is the challenge facing Airmen today; the change itself or how we conduct ourselves in managing the change? 

Challenges are a continuous cycle of life, how we respond to those challenges define our character, exercises our personal and professional development and ultimately unites those of us willing to complete the journey that change creates. 

During a recent conference, Brigadier General Poulin stated "...the Air Force Reserve Command has moved from a force in reserve to a reserve force." This was a fitting statement to define the leadership posture necessary to address the changes facing our Air Force today. Each of us can contribute to the "Reserve Force" by demonstrating leadership. How do we demonstrate leadership? 

We demonstrate leadership by remembering the culture of our past by embracing our heritage and tradition. We demonstrate leadership by remaining keenly aware of the challenges that shape our force caused by the current world environment. We demonstrate leadership by accepting difficult tasks and become the example for others to emulate. 

Accept the challenges associated with change confronting the Air Force today with determination, zeal and patience. Knowing that after we have overcome the obstacles and hardships we are certain to experience; we can contribute to transforming the Air Force to a reserve force relevant to the current needs of the nation. By standing firm on our core values and enhancing our disciplines, the men and women of the 301st Fighter Wing can solidify ourselves as pillars of change that consistently demonstrate leadership in the presence of adversity.
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