Remembered 9/11 anniversary with vigilance, Eagle Eyes

  • Published
  • By James Pettus
  • 301st Fighter Wing
Where were you when you saw American Airlines Flight 11 hit the New York Trade Center's north tower? 

Once again we approach the anniversary of 9/11. We remember the terror that not only changed the world but touched every 301st Fighter Wing member and their family's lives -- it's been six years. As the years go by, the nefarious acts of 9/11 seem to become more surreal and we slowly forget how vulnerable we were and, in some aspects, still are. One way to combat terrorism is through the Eagle Eyes program. 

Law enforcement can't be everywhere all the time -- we need your help. We know terrorist events occur in a systematic order; it's not a poorly planned event. The terrorist want to be successful, let's do our part to stop them. A terrorist act may be preceded by the following events: 

Surveillance: Someone recording or monitoring activities. 

Elicitation: A person asking questions about military operations, number of military deployed, base entry procedures and when a deployed unit is returning. All this information is valuable for enemy intelligence. Sometimes it's difficult to know when you are being careful and practice OPSEC at all times. 

Tests of Security: A fake bomb threat or a vehicle trying to access the installation may be defined as a test of security. Any measuring of the reactionary time of security is a test. 

Acquiring Supplies: The theft of military identifications, purchasing detonators, military uniforms or timers may be an indicator. 

Suspicious persons out of place: People who just don't belong. A contractor being in the wrong place or a new person delivering mail or a new vendor may not look your instinct, report it. 

Dry run: The enemy is putting their people into position and practicing without committing the act. The appropriate example here is the Sept. 11 hijackers, who flew on those flights several times before Sept. 11, 2001. The purpose was to practice getting their people into position, working out arrival times, parking, ticketing, going through security, boarding, etc. 

Deploying assets: This is your last chance...the event is likely to occur soon. Personnel loading vehicles with explosives or weapons, leaving suspiciously parked vehicles or people who don't belong in the area acting nervous or anxious. A good example of this is the Oklahoma City Bombing when Timothy McVey parked the Ryder truck in the front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and got into his get away car, the result claimed168 lives. 

Use the Eagle Eyes program. Report it to your nearest Law Enforcement, the Emergency Operations Center 817.782.5200; Air Force Office of Special Investigations, 817.782.7969; or the 301st FW Antiterrorism Officer at 817.782.7365. You may save lives! (Special Agent Matt Miller also contributed to this article.)
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