Doing more with less reflects current, future outlook on missions

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Michael Kelly
  • 301st Logisitics Readiness Squadron
Doing more with less is a phrase we constantly hear these days. One result is a Unit Training Assembly weekend crammed with more things to accomplish and fewer hands to get them done. We constantly read articles from leadership telling us we are more advanced, better trained and can do more with less. But where does that truly leave us? It leaves the old adage "good old boy Reservist" dead. 

The days of just showing up for the UTA, going to breakfast, taking a leisurely lunch then signing out at 4 p.m. are long gone. With the demands placed on the current force structure we can no longer have the "old Reservist" attitude. Today's Reservist has to be better educated, better trained and willing to take on more responsibility than ever before in order to meet the needs of today's Air Force. 

As a First Sergeant, my heart swells with pride when I hear about the dynamic job my squadron and wing do while deployed. Unfortunately, not all Reservists live up to the quality of the 301st Fighter Wing. During my own deployment experience I had to instruct some Reservists for failing to meet their noncommissioned officer responsibility. 

It is not enough to be great at your job, you have to have the professional leadership that goes with the rank you carry on your sleeves. An Airman is like a coin -- on one side is your Air Force Specialty Code training and on the other is your Professional Military Education. Both are equally important in making you a valuable asset to the Air Force. 

The bottom line is, in order to do more with less, we must all achieve each level of training offered then apply it to our military lives -- failing to do the required training on either side of the coin, or not applying it, will only lead to bad reputations and more work on our fellow Airmen.
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