Spring cleaning can refresh from head to toe

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. George Jones
  • 301st Fighter Wing
Spring is such a refreshing time -- filled with the hope and promise of the seasons ahead. The flowers are blossoming and our spirits are lifted. Reflecting upon this season, I am reminded of what activities are ushered in by the season of spring. Yes, you're right, spring cleaning. 

You know, the time of year when we take it upon ourselves to clean out our closets, attics and garages. But spring cleaning doesn't have to stop there. The principles and activities of spring cleaning need to be expanded and used to explore the new life in and around us. 

A good place to start with is our habits. Heuristics or experiences, i.e. childhood or adulthood, determine our present day and futuristic responses. 

You have two major habit types. You have habits that revolve around your desires and habits that revolve around your fears. The habits revolving around your desires for health, happiness, financial independence and success are life-enhancing. These are the habits that have brought you the success you enjoy today. On the other hand, the habits that revolve around your fears, act as brakes on your potential, they hold you back; they interfere with your success. 

Unfortunately, it's the habits surrounding your fears that trip you up and cause you to sell yourself short; settling for far less than your potential. Spring cleaning will allow you to evaluate the negative habitual patterns of your life that inhibit you from reaching your goals. 

Now, you may ask, after you have identified these habits, "What do I do next?" Once you have recognized the old, negative habit patterns that fail to serve your purposes, you can determine what new habit patterns you would like to adopt. 

Begin this process by looking around and determining the people you admire most. Ask yourself, "What qualities do they have? Which of their characteristics do I most wish to have for myself?" Then make a plan to incorporate those ideal habits into your own character and personality. 

A piece of clay can be shaped into any desired form. You can also shape your own character and personality by simply deciding to do so. I won't say it's easy. Changing your beliefs and attitudes about yourself, others or life in general, is one of the most difficult undertakings you'll ever face. But it's definitely possible and achievable, if you believe it can happen.
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