Every Airman is a role model

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Herlinda Carreon
  • 610th Security Forces Squadron
I'm sure we've heard "Every Airman is a Wingman"; "Every Airman is a sensor"; or "Every Airman is a communicator." These are all catchy phrases that are used in speeches and newspaper articles from Air Force leaders. I would like to offer yet another - "Every Airman is a role model."

Contrary to what former National Basketball Association star Charles Barkley said, you are a role model. You are paid to be a role model. Think back to your first day of basic training. What do you remember about your T.I.? Aside from the yelling--for me it was the hat and the perfect uniform. For many of us, this was our first military role model.

Next, think back to your favorite military supervisor. I imagine they knew their job very well and were extremely professional. Do you ever catch yourself acting the way they did? They were a role model.

Fast forward to today; you are getting ready to go to work. Is your uniform neatly pressed, or is it a little bit wrinkled and faded? You are a role model. Are your boots nicely polished, or do they have last months mud on them? You are a role model. Could you stand to get a haircut, even though you are "okay" for a few more days? You are a role model. Do you enthusiastically seek out your subordinates and discuss your expectations or the days requirements, or do you mumble some unpleasantries and avoid them until you've had a few cups of coffee? You are a role model. Do you rush indoors if you hear the first note of the National Anthem, or do you stand at attention, render a sharp salute and remain focused on the flag until the last note? You are a role model. Are you in front of your subordinates in the sign-out line, or do you ensure they are all taken care of before you leave? You are a role model.

What makes a good role model? Here is my role model recipe. It is one part good wingman, one part communicator; add a double dose of integrity and excellence, and an adult portion of service before self. Mix these well and top it off with sincerity. Allow this to grow and spread. If you have all of the ingredients, you will be a positive role model.

What you do today will have an impact. Every Airman is a role model.
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