UCI fever – catch it

  • Published
  • By Col. Bill Schauffert
  • 301st Fighter Wing
In just a few weeks you’ll have the opportunity to “open your books” to the Air Force Reserve Command Inspector General and show off why you think your shop, and this wing, are OUTSTANDING. The Unit Compliance Inspection is basically an open book test, and the IG is comprised of top-tier functional experts who want us to pass this inspection with flying colors. They want us to succeed.
     We are ready … bring it on! Over the past few months, we’ve all been scrubbing our regulatory compliance and fixing discrepancies and problem areas. Our friends at 10th Air Force visited us last July and conducted a thorough Staff Assistance Visit. We have been working hard to correct weaknesses identified by their fresh set of eyes.
We’ve conducted regular compliance inspection preparation meetings. So what’s left to do?
     1. Re-read our last UCI report card from December 2000. Certainly we want to avoid repeat write-ups. Also check out reports from other units as well. These can be accessed though our own 301st Fighter Wing Web site under the “AFRC IG” tab on the “Wingman Assistance” IG link. Feel free to call the AFRC IG office directly and discuss with the functional inspector any subject you’d like to cover before his visit.
     2. Remember, checklists provide excellent guidelines, but simply answering a checklist is no substitute for understanding the underlying source guidance. Compliance with written guidance is the key, not just checklist compliance.
     3. Documentation proves you are getting the job done. The first thing the inspector is going to tell you is “Show me…” They aren’t just looking for pretty binders, they’re seeking facts to validate you are meeting mission requirements.
     Once the IG steps on base, a positive attitude and sharp appearance goes a long way in projecting a good first impression. Know your job inside and out. Be sure your shop members talk up programs your unit is proud of. If a program is weak, demonstrate how your shop is getting up to speed. I know we’ll ace this open book test, and when the IG departs after the March UTA, they’ll know exactly why the 301st FW is OUTSTANDING!
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