New Fiscal Year, Revamped Priorities

  • Published
  • By Command Chief Master Sgt. Robert Safley
  • 301st Fighter Wing

As we start our second month of the fiscal year, I want to highlight some of the changes to our Wing Priorities. We are no longer just focused on AEF Readiness. The SECDEF, SECAF, and CSAF have all challenged us to relook at our preparations and training models to ensure we are focusing on the right areas across a wider range. As a result, we are continuously looking at removing barriers and extraneous events that can hinder your ability to train and fulfill your part of the mission.

We also added 'Retain' to our second priority. Recruiting and Training remain equally important, but the retention piece helps slow the need for the other two. Our challenge is to convey the wingman culture and helping our warriors attain self-actualization. Hurricane Michael showcased our dedication to family filling immediate needs, and helping set a course for rebuilding their lives.

The final highlight I want to champion is maximizing your time. We are interested in creating white space so you can focus on JOB 101. Part of that is utilizing innovation to help maximize the return. You may have noticed the WIN icon on your desktop; if not, check it out. You can submit a new idea, improve an existing process, or highlight something that maybe others have missed through the icon. Your innovative idea comes straight to the command section for review. We have had some great submissions thus far, and we are working on implementation. Our wing is full of smart people, and looking at the way we do business through an innovation lens can benefit all of the Wing Priorities.

As always, I'm excited and humbled to serve as your Command Chief.

Let's get after it!
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