Only together

  • Published
  • By Command Chief Rob Safley
  • 301st Fighter Wing

We can learn a lot from nature. In this case, let’s look at this wolf pack. If you look at the picture, the three up front are the elders; they set the pace for the pack. The next few are protectors, ensuring the elders and those behind them feel safe. The next large group are the bulk of the pack. They are part of this cohort until they fall into one of the other groups. The final group are also protectors, ensuring those ahead of them are safe. The last, lone wolf, is the leader. The leader keeps everything in front, keeping a watchful eye out for danger, taking care of the pack, and ensuring none are left behind…a servant leader.


Colonel (Mitchell) Hanson, 301st Fighter Wing commander, and I want to ensure you are connected.


You should know your job/position is important to the 301st Fighter Wing mission. Without you, we would fail. We also want to ensure you are connected to one another. We are a family; we face challenges together, look for opportunities to succeed together, and ultimately win together. I love Unit Training Assembly weekends… most of our members are in place, everyone is getting after their tasks, and you can feel the energy flowing throughout the wing. It’s also like a mini family reunion. We all get to see faces we have not seen in a few weeks. It’s fun to catch up, see how everyone is growing in their journey, and how they’re developing themselves and others. There is no better place to be and no better organization than the Mighty 301st!


We also need to struggle together.


Not everything is rainbows and unicorns; life happens, members come and go, warriors pass, and we need to be able to grieve together. When you find yourself in an impossible situation, you may think you are all alone. It is easy to focus on yourself, your own circumstances, or even your own self-pity, and miss the fact that others are also facing similar challenges. We all need a leader to follow, and there are times when you must be the leader that can rally your friends, family, or work center. I challenge you to be that leader! Speak up. If you notice a difference in your friends and family, say something. Make a habit of checking in with your wingman, ensure everyone has a wingman, and socialize that it’s okay to ask for assistance or get help for your needs. We have so many resources available to help, and a professional cadre to take care of you and your family. Your actions can help others through tough times and be cathartic and therapeutic for you as well. 


Thank you for what you do to keep the 301st Fighter Wing a flagship program. Thank you for spending the weekend with us, and I ask that you thank your friends and family for allowing us to borrow you each month to keep America safe. I am certainly humbled to be your command chief and look forward to seeing you this weekend.  

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