When faced with dissappointment

  • Published
  • By 301st Fighter Wing Commander Col. Mitchell Hanson

In National Lampoon’s movie Christmas Vacation, Clark Griswold is expecting a big Christmas bonus from his boss, but instead is only rewarded with a membership to the "Jelly of the Month" Club. Needless to say, he is deeply disappointed in his boss’ action and he reacts quite harshly (and comically).

Disappointment, unfortunately, is something we all deal with from time to time. Sometimes it can feel like disappointment will find you no matter how hard you try. It happens to me too. It can be something at home with family or sometimes it’s something that happens here in the wing. Sometimes it comes when dealing with hurdles from higher headquarters and some of the times I’m disappointed in myself. The one thing I’ve learned over the years is that every disappointment I’ve experienced is temporary.

I’m sure you’ve heard wing and Air Force leadership talk about "resiliency" – when faced with adversity, disappointment or any form of change, you are able to bounce back – that is the model of being resilient.

My hope is that we can all learn to recover from what life throws at us. When things get tough, know there are many resources here in the 301st for you and your family. My hope is that you all think and feel like the 301st is part of your extended family. Continue to watch out for one another and take care of yourselves, your family/friends, and your co-workers.

One thing is for certain. I never have been nor ever will be disappointed in you, the members of the 301st Fighter Wing. I’m filled with pride when I think of all you do day in and day out to make this wing the best in the Air Force. Your dedication, professionalism and patriotism is unmatched and I’m extremely grateful to be associated with each and every one of you. The words ‘thank you’ sometimes seem so insignificant, but THANK YOU! I look forward to 2020 and all the great things we are going to do in the 301st Fighter Wing.

Enjoy the holidays and please be safe!

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