9-11 Remembrance Letter

  • Published
  • By Barbara Barrett, Secretary of the Air Force

To the Men and Women of the Air and Space Forces,

Our Nation was attacked on 11 September 2001, by terrorists who endeavored to sow fear and despair into American hearts and minds.  These efforts failed because our country is defined by its resiliency and the ability to persevere through the darkest of times, overcoming adversity.

Unified by a collective strength, we are a Nation of hope.  We solemnly remember the sacrifice of the nearly 3,000 men and women killed 19 years ago on that fateful Tuesday morning.  We honor and pay tribute to the first responders and survivors as well as family members and loved ones impacted by this national tragedy.

Our Nation has repeatedly shown its ability to unify through the most challenging of times and to emerge stronger than before.  This has proven true in recent times, defining our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and our effort to stay connected while social distancing.  

Thank you for your service and for all that you contribute to our collective strength and resiliency.


Barbara Barrett

Secretary of the Air Force


John W. Raymond                                                      Charles Q. Brown, Jr.            

General, USSF                                                            General, USAF                                  

Chief of Space Operations                                          Chief of Staff of the Air Force


Roger A. Towberman                                                 JoAnne S. Bass

Senior Enlisted Advisor of the Space Force               Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force


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