SAPR and Suicide Prevention Training: 2021

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Good Day Members of the 301st Fighter Wing!

The past year of social distancing has impacted us all.  For many of us, one of the most significant impacts is the feeling of isolation that has arisen from social distancing.  These feelings of disconnection and the risks that they pose are among the many reasons why this year’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Suicide Prevention Training is so vitally important to all within our Citizen Airmen Total Force community.

Because of the continued risk posed by COVID-19 and its variants, the 301 FW leadership has determined that a virtual training format is the best method for delivering the mandatory SAPR and Suicide Prevention Trainings in 2021.  While we know that some people prefer to receive this type of training in person, and while we understand that the training may have greater impact and retention when conducted in small groups where discussion can occur, we also know that the risk of spread of COVID-19 continues and the health and safety of our community is paramount.  Completion of the video and the associated surveys linked in this message is the only method for 301 FW and associated unit personnel to receiving this important training in 2021.  Please note that, regardless of when you completed your training for 2020, this year’s training must be completed no later than 31 October 21 in order to receive credit and maintain currency and readiness.

There are several methods for accessing this year’s training:

METHOD #1:  AF Connect App

The easiest way to access the training video is to use the Air Force Connect App on your smart device:

  1. If you haven’t already done so, download the AF Connect App from the Apple or Google Play App stores, then Open the AF Connect App
  2. If you haven’t already favorited the 301 FW then go to the Favorties Tab (Star Icon) in the bottom right corner and search for 301 FW
  3. Once on the 301 FW Page, select the Multimedia option
  4. Select the 301 FW DVIDS option

(If you do not see the 2021 SAPR/Suicide Prevention Training Video at the top in the Featured Video section, then enter “SAPR” in the search bar to find it)

  1. Watch the video
  2. Complete the surveys

METHOD #2:  Violence Prevention OneStop SharePoint Page

  1. Access the video from the 301 FW Wingman OneStop Suicide Prevention Program Page after 1600 on 12 APR 21.  This requires CAC access, but is an option for members who have reliable network access and access to a CAC reader.  The video on the One Stop Page can be found here:
  2. Watch the video
  3. Complete the surveys

METHOD #3:  DVIDS Website

You can use this method to access the video on any device connected to the internet.  It does not require CAC access to view the video from this site.

  1. Members can also access the video via the DVIDS website directly at:  This is a straightforward way to access the training, but can occasionally be slow to play and internet security protocols may cause some difficulty accessing the video.  The video can also be directly downloaded onto your device from this location for offline viewing. 
  2. Watch the video
  3. Complete the surveys

Please use the attached handouts to further enrich your training experience.  The handouts provide valuable information on resources and key concepts.  The handouts also include a Reflections page where you can jot down your thoughts and questions as you watch the training.  We encourage everyone to use the Reflections page as a way of connecting with the material and as a location for questions that may arise during the training and which you would like to discuss further with the SAPR or Suicide Prevention offices or any helping agency staff. 

Once you have finished watching the video in its entirety, please use your smart device to scan the QR codes below to complete all 3 required surveys.  The first 2 are DAF-required surveys regarding the content of the Sexual Assault Prevention Training and the Suicide Prevention Training respectively.  The third QR code takes you to the Virtual Sign-in Survey Monkey to verify you’ve completed this year’s mandatory training.  Using the QR codes is by far the easiest way to access the surveys, but there are also clickable links for each of those surveys below as well. 


DAF Suicide Prevention Survey

301 FW Virtual Sign-In Survey Monkey

Please reach out to me at 817-782-3145 or at if you have any questions or require further assistance. 

Thank you for all that you do to make the 301 FW and our entire Air Force as safer and more connected place!

Very Respectfully,



Jimm Harper, MSSW, DAF

Violence Prevention Integrator (VPI)

Interpersonal and Self-Directed Violence Prevention Program Manager

301 Fighter Wing/VPI

DSN:  739-3145

"No one has to do everything, but everyone has to do something to make NAS Ft Worth JRB a safer place for our airmen, civilians, and families.  What can you do to prevent Interpersonal and Self-Directed Violence?”


Military One Source:  1-800-342-9647

Military Crisis Line:  1-800-273-8255 option 1

Domestic Violence Hotline (includes resources for those experiencing stalking):  1-800-799-7233

DoD Safe Helpline (provides live, confidential support):  1-877-995-5247

National Suicide Prevention Hotline:  1-800-273-8255

National Human Trafficking Resource Center:  1-888-373-7888




Public Affairs (817) 782-5000