Upcoming Physical Fitness Assessment Procedures/Projected Changes

  • Published
  • By Mr. Manu Peeni
  • 301st Fighter Wing Exercise Physiologist

Good Morning Warriors, 

In January 2022 the Air Force Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) will be updated to include component options for testing. For the next 6 months leading up the new assessment system, the official PFA will include the 1.5 mile run/2km walk, 1 minute of pushups and 1 minute of sit-ups. Prior to 1 January, it is recommended that all members familiarize themselves with the new component options.

All of the training aides, videos, score charts and releasable materials were created/finalized this past week. Those items will be made available soon and can be found on the newly launched My FSS home page (found through MyPers or the link provided below). 

UFPMs can provide members information regarding physical fitness assessment procedures and scheduling. As of now and through August 2021, the assessment process includes the following elements and incorporates health/safety considerations:

  1. Testing groups are limited to 6 testers (Note: Groups are anticipated to increase to 8 testers as of September 2021, pending increased vaccination rates).
  2. The lake course is being used to maximize social distancing for the walk/run assessment.
  3. Testing groups are scheduled every 20 minutes to minimize overlap.
  4. Mats will be disinfected between testers.
  5. PTLs will ensure adherence to 6 feet of space between testers for social distancing purposes.

Additionally, the execution of the physical fitness assessment will ultimately include adherence to the current Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidance and directives relating to the spread/deterrence of the COVID-19 virus. Unvaccinated members (and those not past 14 days from their second vaccination dose) must wear a mask when not performing assessment components.

Beginning 1 July, the wing has begun executing physical fitness assessments on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for those members in a military status. For more information or to be scheduled for an assessment, members can contact their UFPM.

With AFFMS II no longer in use, members must create an account through the myFSS website found through the MyPers portal or through the below link.  The AFFMS II replacement, myFitness, went live on 1 July and is the stand alone system used for score keeping, assessment due date, reports and will eventually include scheduling. Members will be required to login to myFitness (myFSS) using their CAC in order to populate the correct score data for the member in the system when accessing for the first time. Go to https://afpcsecure.us.af.mil/PKI/MainMenu1.aspx and click on myFSS, or use the link in the provided attachment (Atch 4) with instructions to access the new portal.


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