301st Fighter Wing 2014 Vector Check

  • Published
  • By Col. John M. Breazeale
  • 301 FW
The beginning of a new year gives us an opportunity to re-cage our vector and set goals to work toward. While it is important to reflect on our successes, and we have many to be proud of, it is imperative we continue to build on our successes in 2014.

Our mission remains to train and deploy combat-ready Airmen... everything we do must contribute to our mission. Our time and resource limitations require us to stay focused.

This year's vector check focuses on four areas that directly affect our ability to meet our mission. Priorities for 2014:
(1) Successfully deploy/redeploy combat-ready Airmen
(2) Develop a commander-led, mission-focused inspection process
(3) Increase full spectrum readiness
(4) Develop our Airmen, support their families

Our number one priority is our mission. We begin 2014 with approximately 300 Airmen deployed, and will continue to deploy our Operations and Maintenance Airmen, 73rd Aerial Port Squadron "Port Dawgs," security forces and others to support contingencies around the world. This year we will also continue to expand our new classic associate mission as the F-22 transitions from Holloman Air Force Base, N.M., to Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla. EVERYONE (Air Reserve Technicians, Traditional Reserve Airmen, Active Duty, and civilian) in this wing plays a vital role in ensuring we are ready to meet these tasks.

Our second task is to build an inspection process to enhance and not interfere with our mission. The new Commander's Inspection Program is designed to put the onus back on our commanders to ensure their units are mission ready and compliant with Air Force Instructions. As one of the first units to undergo the new program, we have a unique ability to shape its future. One key task is to refine our culture of compliance. We must operate within the guidelines of our AFIs. If there is a new innovative way of doing business, we will get the AFI changed.

In today's fiscal environment, we are charged with maintaining our readiness. Our focus this year is to improve our readiness by meeting all of our requirements and ensuring our Airmen are well trained. My two focus points for 2014 are improving our Individual Medical Readiness stats and skill level training.

We must develop our Airmen to be effective long term. In 2014 we will renew our emphasis on mentoring both supervisors and Airmen. In addition, we need to continue focusing on providing timely feedback to our Airmen through formal feedback and timely performance reports. Formal recognition through awards and decorations for deserving Airmen is also an important part of developing and preparing our Airmen for their future roles. The time is well worth the return on investment. Finally, we need to look for professional development opportunities and encourage our Airmen to take advantage of these growth opportunities as members of the profession of arms.

Our families are critical to our success as a wing. We will endeavor to assist them when they need help. Most importantly, we will remind them how imperative their support is to our mission.

Thanks for all you do to lead and support the best fighter wing in the Air Force. Your hard work and dedication will ensure 2014 is the best year yet!
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