301st Fighter Wing 'fires the engines' with Top Fuel driver, crew

  • Published
  • By TSgt Shawn David McCowan
  • 301FW Public Affairs
Terry McMillen, Top Fuel Dragster driver with the National Hot Rod Association, and crew recently visited the 301st. His crew got a tour of the wing's hangar and F-16s, and got "front row seats" for a scheduled morning launch. The visit was a treat for McMillen and his crew, as well as for the men and women of the 301st.

McMillen was in town for a national NHRA race in Dallas. ESPN showed up to record the visit, which was broadcast two weeks later on an ESPN station during an NHRA broadcast. McMillen said he was overwhelmed by the visit.

"I had a great appreciation for the military and the Air Force before I came here. I just can't believe the incredible people that work for this wing. This visit really made me see the Air Force as a group of professional individuals working as a huge team. I see lots of similarities between what we do as a race crew to the military's maintenance team, but what gets done here is beyond anything I imagined. I'm honored to have been here to see this wing and meet these people," said McMillen."

McMillen happily added the Air Force Reserve and 301st Fighter Wing logos to his vehicle before departing for the weekend's race.
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