Time to shine

  • Published
  • By Command Chief Rob Safley
  • 301st Fighter Wing

As we embark on Airman Readiness Training Exercise (ARTEX) 2.0, I wanted to pass along how proud I am of your planning efforts. I’m never surprised at the level of dedication, expertise, or professionalism you bring to the fight. Your efforts are what keep the 301st Fighter Wing as a flagship program in the Air Force Reserve Command.


I ask that you have fun over the exercise, take good notes for the HOTWASH, and learn/add what you can for advancing the wing during future exercises. There will be some outside agencies here to observe our processes; just do your mission as you have been trained and don’t fret about what they are doing. Our own Wing Inspection Team are the ONLY evaluators helping us draw a new line in the sand.


During ARTEX 1.0, 301 FW Commander Col. Mitchell Hanson and I walked around, and most of our warriors were excited to be in Mission Oriented Protective Posture gear (protective gear worn in a hostile environment to protect from chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear strikes) and executing the mission in a different way/place. One Airman noted, “This is the adventure I signed up for… I would rather be doing this than computer based training or briefings any day!”  


Let’s embrace that paradigm and get after it!


CMSgt S.  

Public Affairs (817) 782-5000