Warrior awarded AFRC Technician of the Year

  • Published
  • By Capt. Jessica Gross, 301st Fighter Wing public affairs director

Every year, Air Force Reserve Command recognizes Reserve Citizen Airmen across various career fields and wings for excellence, along with mastery of their craft.


As a category under the Air Force Reserve Command Logistics Readiness and Maintenance Awards, Armament Systems Awards recognize individual excellence in aircraft armament loading, armament systems maintenance and supervision of either operation.


Staff Sergeant Carmen Moore, assigned here to the 301st Fighter Wing Maintenance Squadron, was awarded Technician of the Year under the Armament Systems Awards for 2019.


“It took me by surprise and I was very honored by it,” said Moore when she learned of her award selection. “It was nice to know that the hard work we do here is noticed at such a high-level.”


Moore, who was solely selected for the prestigious award amongst counterpart maintainers spread across 35 wings AFRC wide, is an Armament Technician and Air Reserve Technician with six years of 301 FW dedicated service.


“I saw the word armament when choosing my AFSC [Air Force Specialty Code],” she said when describing her decision for her career path. “I knew I wanted to be a part of weapons and that it was for me.”


When asked about the passion that drives her service as a maintainer, Moore explained how the armament section plays a significantly unique role within the wing’s mission.


“Without weapons, we are just another airliner,” she said. “We [armament] add a specialty to the F-16 aircraft and we deliver.”


A Killeen, Texas native and a member of a military family, Moore attributes her drive to work hard within her career field to her two brothers serving in the United States Army.


“Individuals, like my brothers, rely on us to do our job right and to make these weapons systems ‘green’ [or 100% ready],” said Moore. “Not only do we support our pilots, but also other military brothers and sisters from every service that depend on our mission.”


Moore summed up how the call to duty brings her a sense of pride.


“I love being a part of a team…something bigger than myself,” she said. “I get to contribute to the bigger picture and know I’m right there next to my brothers and sisters and we are ready to fight.”

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