101 Critical Days of Summer

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Jeremy Roman

The 101 Critical Days of Summer traditionally goes from Memorial Day through Labor Day annually. With much Texas rain in early June, the heat and humidity have definitely made its presence felt and is in full-swing.


Whether you go out or stay home for weekends or vacation, please remember to stay hydrated, limit your outdoor exposure especially during the hottest parts of the day (noon to 3 PM), wear sun protection (hats, sleeves, sunglasses and sunscreen), buckle up when you travel, drink/celebrate responsibly, assign a designated driver, look out for your wingman and those around you, make sure things that need power are fully charged, ensure your vehicle is properly maintained and use smart risk management to celebrate with your friends and loved ones. It’s always best to have a plan when it comes your safety and the safety of others.


Enjoy your hard-earned summer weekends and vacations! We need each and every one of you to get the mission done. We can’t do it without you!

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