IG Commander retires after 31 years of Air Force excellence

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman William Downs
  • 301st Fighter Wing

A retirement ceremony celebrating 31 years of military service for Col. Beth Kwasny, 301 Fighter Wing Inspector General, was held at the Naval Operations Support Center, April 30.

The presiding official for the ceremony was Major General John Breazeale. Family members in attendance were her spouse, James Kwasny, children, Nolan, Davis, Alicia, and Monica, parents, Frank and Sarah Dunn, and mother and father-in-law, Joe and Lori Kwasny. Her daughter, Alicia, was the narrator for the ceremony.

Surrounded by family, friends and colleagues, Kwasny used this opportunity to express her gratitude to those who’ve joined her on this journey.

“The Air Force has opened a lot of different opportunities and I’ve met amazing people and made the best of friends and I’m really so tickled that so many of those good friends are here today,” Kwasny said. Thank you, it means more than you will ever know.”

Early in her career, Kwasny had no idea where this adventure would take her. She didn’t have a long-term plan for the military, but she decided to take that first step and see where it led.

She went to the U.S. Air Force Academy right out of high school in 1987. While at USAFA, she met her husband, James, who was a fellow classmate. When they graduated in 1991 as 2nd lieutenants, they both went active duty until 2000.

After her husband retired from the Air Force Reserve in 2019, he took a job in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Kwasny joined the Air Force Reserve as the 301st Fighter Wing Intelligence Officer in 2006, where she has served continuously in various assignments since.

“Since joining the 301st Fighter Wing, I’ve been able to do my whole Air Force Reserve career here locally without having to commute which has been a blessing and quite a success story.”

As soon as she came to the wing, she deployed to Balad, Iraq in 2007, which she considers one of her most memorable experiences. She had previously done several Active Duty intel assignments, but the Reserve allowed her to do unit level support so this was a unique opportunity for her.

“It was exciting to do what intel school really is more concentrated on – supporting the pilots, jets, and the mission. It was really a highlight.”

In addition to her IG duties, Kwasny does newcomers orientation every unit training assembly weekend for the 301st Fighter Wing, and tells Airmen why it’s the best wing in the Air Force.

“It’s really the people. I think everyone’s very professional, they work hard, and they take care of each other.”

Kwasny aimed to leave a legacy that reminds Airmen that if they have a problem, they can reach out, and find the numerous wing agencies that want to help. She wants people to know that IG is a friendly face and they are there to assist in any way they can. As she looks to the future, she is excited to have her weekends back to spend with her husband and four kids. She will continue working in her civilian job as a government contractor.

For the next group of Airmen and future leaders, Kwasny has a final message.

“Take care of your people, and they’ll take care of the mission.”

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