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  • Dental IMR – Understanding Dental Classes

    Have you ever been confused about what your dental technician and the dentist are saying during your appointment? When they say things like caries, periodontics or when they talk about your dental class. Well, I am going to help you understand the meaning behind a dental class.

  • 301 FW Equal Opportunity Office Information

    Greetings 301st FW Members,My name is MSgt Jason Almodovar and I am the 301 Fighter Wing Equal Opportunity Superintendent. I am reaching out today because I wanted to reintroduce our team.

  • Winter Storm Safety News Flash

    Persevering through this Winter Storm Warning that’s dropped inches of snow across wide swaths of the state, there are some important areas we can review and address through Risk Management as we wait out the weather.

  • Trust in relationships…

    How do we decide who to trust? To whom will we give a spare key? Which babysitter should we hire? Who do we confide in? (Note: Asking a person if we can trust them almost never results in a negative response).

  • Who will you be in ’23?

    Who are you in ’22? Who will you be in ’23?You’ve probably heard it said that “the only constant is change.” God is the only One who never changes. The rest of us change, for one reason or another.

  • Self Care

    Self-care…Life is hard. But you’ve made it through every time. Continue!

  • Connectedness and resilience…

    Positive relationships engender happiness, love and confidence, which in turn cultivates resilience. Romantic love often comes to mind when we mention the importance of connectedness, but psychologist Barbara Fredrickson encourages moments of warmth and connection in a passing greeting or even with

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