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  • Who will you be in ’23?

    Who are you in ’22? Who will you be in ’23?You’ve probably heard it said that “the only constant is change.” God is the only One who never changes. The rest of us change, for one reason or another.

  • Self Care

    Self-care…Life is hard. But you’ve made it through every time. Continue!

  • Connectedness and resilience…

    Positive relationships engender happiness, love and confidence, which in turn cultivates resilience. Romantic love often comes to mind when we mention the importance of connectedness, but psychologist Barbara Fredrickson encourages moments of warmth and connection in a passing greeting or even with

  • December 2021 Safety Newsletter

    Please see the attached 301st Fighter Wing Safety Office Newsletter and the Air Force Reserve Command Safety Newsletter for December 2021.

  • The Beauty of Conflict

    ImageryImagine the process of glass making.  There are separate materials with their own boundaries, makeup and place in the world going into an open furnace to break down the elements, meld them together, and create something new and glorious. There are other natural friction points that create new

  • Healthy Lifestyle Factors for Cancer Prevention

    Cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide (International Agency for Research on Cancer). Of the many types of cancer, female breast cancer is the most common diagnosis. In 2021 alone, there will be an estimated 281,550 new diagnoses of female breast cancer, totaling 14.8% of all new

  • CSAF Innovation Letter to Airmen

    Airmen, Since the dawn of airpower, Airmen and innovation instinctively aligned to create the world's dominant Air Force. However, diminishing competitive advantage threatens our national security. This is why I wrote Accelerate Change or Lose. Just as the very first Airmen supporting the trench

  • September is National Suicide Prevention Month

    To all of my 301st Fighter Wing Total Force Brothers and Sisters,The 301st Fighter Wing is joining the Department of Defense (DOD) in promoting Suicide Prevention Month to further educate our military community about suicide prevention, resources, and steps everyone can take to protect one another

  • Afghanistan: Let's Talk About It

    Good Afternoon 301st Fighter Wing, The events in Afghanistan over the past few weeks have brought feelings of frustration, anger, and distress for many across the country, but especially for veterans that have served in that area over the past 20 years. Watching these events unfold can trigger