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  • Let’s wear pink

    As October ends, which is also breast cancer awareness month, let us be reminded of everyone who is touched by cancer every month of the year.
  • Excuse me... may I have some help?

    Inner strength is great but it's not the only strength there is. There is also strength in numbers.
  • The five pillars of resilience

    The strengthening of these five pillars helps lay the foundation to face and overcome the challenges that life brings our way.
  • Only together

    In the midst of unique challenges that face Reservists, the strength of the wing relies upon the connection and teamwork of each Airman.
  • Recruiting, Readiness and Go Air Force, Beat Navy!

    301st Fighter Wing Commander Col. Mitchell Hanson shares his thoughts which were highlighted in the October edition of the FighterLine.
  • Rest is a good thing

    In the midst of accomplishing tasks, appropriate recovery can be just as important. Learning to rest effectively takes practice.
  • The thoughts you keep matter

    Thoughts for the beginning of positive week...
  • The second-most decorated American military member in history

    Despite incredible odds and adversity, it is possible to persevere and overcome. Resilience personified: Brig. Gen. George Day.
  • Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) and You

    The 301st Fighter Wing is a diverse team of capable warriors, smart in many areas of commerce and industry. In this commentary, Chief Safley speaks of the need for Airmen insight and focused efforts in order to continue being a flagship program in AFRC. Highlighting problem areas Airmen encounter or see allow the wing an opportunity to implement necessary changes to process and culture.
  • Decisions of a leader

    Chief Safley shares how decisiveness and leadership go hand in hand.