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  • Master Sgt. Rene Garcia joins Yellow Ribbon team

    The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program provides resiliency training for Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard members before, during, and after deployment. Master Sgt. Rene Garcia, the new 301st Fighter Wing Yellow Ribbon representative, shares how this program helped him and how he plans to do

  • Breaking the silence of domestic violence

    Domestic violence is something that can live within the walls of a family’s home and never see the light of day, until something happens to expose what hides within. Mr. James Harper, the 301st Fighter Wing’s Violence Prevention Integrator, sheds light on domestic violence, signs of it, and what can

  • “Fasten your seat belts ladies and gentlemen…”

    Col. Hanson has some departing words after nearly five years as the wing's vice and wing commander respectively. Thank you sir for your leadership and best wishes on your next assignment as the mobilization assistant to the commander 9th Air Force, Air Combat Command, Shaw Air Force Base, S.C.

  • How to telework and stay healthy too

    The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced people worldwide to change their normal routines and way of life. Teleworking or telecommuting in order to still attain mission goals and stay healthy is an example of this. Change like this can present various challenges and positives. Ms. Mary Arnold, the

  • Thanks for the memories

    Command Chief Safley addresses the wing before he leaves the 301 FW. Prior to becoming the command chief over two years ago, he was with wing for over 10 years and will now be the command chief at Barksdale Air Force Base, La. Thank you Chief!

  • “This too shall pass away. Never fear.”

    Nearly 16 months have passed since Hurricane Michael devastated Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla. and its surrounding communities. Members of 44th Fighter Group here continue to deal with the aftermath and long lasting effects of the storm in their own way. Featured commentary in the 2020 February

  • How to counter burnout

    We can all run out of gas, but there are steps to lessen the effects. As supervisors, and wingmen, we need to be aware of some of the signs of burnout: declining work effort, decreased job satisfaction, higher absenteeism/turnover, and decreased quality of self-care. All of these can lead to

  • To Infinity and Beyond!

    301st Fighter Wing Commander Col. Mitch Hanson addresses the wing in his January commentary.