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  • “This too shall pass away. Never fear.”

    Nearly 16 months have passed since Hurricane Michael devastated Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla. and its surrounding communities. Members of 44th Fighter Group here continue to deal with the aftermath and long lasting effects of the storm in their own way. Featured commentary in the 2020 February

  • How to counter burnout

    We can all run out of gas, but there are steps to lessen the effects. As supervisors, and wingmen, we need to be aware of some of the signs of burnout: declining work effort, decreased job satisfaction, higher absenteeism/turnover, and decreased quality of self-care. All of these can lead to

  • To Infinity and Beyond!

    301st Fighter Wing Commander Col. Mitch Hanson addresses the wing in his January commentary.

  • Connection will move us forward

    As the close of 2019 happens this month, Chief Safley shares a focus that will ensure an even more effective 2020 in this month's commentary.

  • Hope and mindfulness

    In the face of everyday life, there are things you can do you can do to find strength in the moment you need it most.

  • Let’s wear pink

    As October ends, which is also breast cancer awareness month, let us be reminded of everyone who is touched by cancer every month of the year.