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  • Deliberate talent management

    The Chief of Air Force Reserve and Commander, Air Force Reserve Command Lt Gen Richard W. Scobee's second strategic priority is developing resilient leaders. The new AFRC Command Chief Master Sgt. Timothy White Jr. has established a line of effort (LOE) of deliberate talent management to align with

  • “Hey dude, are you okay?”

    301st Fighter Wing Commander Col. Mitch Hanson's commentary from April's edition of the FighterLine, the wing's official publication. Service before self, excellence in all we do and taking care of each other like good Airmen do.

  • Update on the Wing Innovation (WIN) program

    I was sent a FighterLine, from February 1973, after former 301st Fighter Wing Commander General John Taylor passed away. I noticed a blurb on page two about submitting ideas to the policy council of Tactical Air Command (TAC). It noted the council met twice a year and considered around 100

  • "The Sky's No Limit"

    Those are not my words, that slogan actually comes from a cold war era U.S. Air Force recruiting poster. Other recruiting slogans have included “A Career in the Air Awaits You,” “Go Higher, Farther, Faster” and of course, “Fly, Fight, and Win.” What do all of these slogans have in common? Their

  • It’s Been an Amazing Journey

    As I reflect on my career and prepare for retirement from my beloved Air Force Reserve, I am so thankful for having had the opportunity to serve my country and I am so excited to see what all of you will do in the future.In my journey, I have laughed, cried and sang. My two amazing sons were born. I

  • Developing resilient leaders

    Lt. Gen. Richard Scobee, Chief of Air Force Reserve and Commander, Air Force Reserve Command,  recently outlined his vision, mission, and priorities for Reserve Citizen Airmen. One of which was to develop resilient leaders.What does that mean? Develop resilient leaders…in my 33 and counting years in

  • New year equals new opportunities

    I want to first thank you for another successful year. As we look back over 2018, we accomplished a lot: preparing for trips all around the globe, some entertaining training events, process improvements, and crushing the UEI Capstone! An impressive execution of our wing priorities for sure. We also

  • New Fiscal Year, Revamped Priorities

    As we start our second month of the fiscal year, the Chief highlights some of the changes to our Wing Priorities. We are no longer just focused on AEF Readiness. The SECDEF, SECAF, and CSAF have all challenged us to relook at our preparations and training models to ensure we are focusing on the

  • Opportunity in Chaos

    Col. Randall Cason, 44th Fighter Group commander, Tyndall AFB, Fla., shares how his Reserve Citizen Airmen seized an opportunity to show strength, compassion and resilience even in the midst of devastating events like Hurricane Michael. Their chosen attitude and selflessness has made the best of an