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  • Remembering those who came before us

    Has it happened to you? Have you been in public in uniform and a stranger say "Thank You" for your service?Once, while dining with several squadron members, a stranger even paid for our lunch. Recently it happened to me when I was off base at a local store during lunch. It catches you by surprise and it is a humbling experience. Once I responded,
  • The resilient wingman - Part three

    (Editor's Note: This is the third in a series of Chaplain commentaries on managing stress.)Over the past couple of months we have explored various aspects of stress especially as it relates to combat operations, multiple deployments and general increased operational tempo. The question then remains, how can I insulate myself, or build resiliency
  • The resilient wingman

    Force protection, maintenance, readiness and redundancy are concepts we military members are very familiar with. Our Wing spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to ensure prosecution of any mission that it is tasked to do. While we do a great job of taking care of our equipment, facilities and aircraft, attention to self-care can be
  • Hurts one, affects all

    April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) throughout the nation. This provides an opportunity for the Department of Defense (DoD) and all the Military Services to highlight their commitment to addressing sexual assault prevention and response at all organizational levels. This year's theme, "Hurts one, Affects all," focuses on the effects that
  • In a season of change, the mission remains the same

    I know rumor season is upon us and with everything going on I wanted to announce some great moves that will be happening in the Wing. Although we don't have exact dates for some of these moves I would rather give as much information as possible as soon as possible. Colonel Bob Mortensen, our vice wing commander has been offered a job of increased
  • To some an obstacle, to others an opportunity

       I know this will be a shock, but I don't look forward to inspections any more than you do. I can barely keep myself seated to organize emails. I'd rather visit each one of you to tell you how happy I am to be working with you. There's no doubt in my mind that whatever you're doing is more interesting than what I do. But the reality is, with
  • Discover a new you - without the 'you'

       I bet nearly every one of us begins the new year with resolutions. Most of us seem to lose track of them by the end of February. This is not always a bad thing because a lot of you put those resolutions aside to focus on someone besides yourself.   Everywhere we look we see the consistent message of "put yourself first." Although this may
  • Hands off - Why texting and driving can be as dangerous as drinking and driving

       I can remember the day when my dad would get a cold beer before driving to the store to pick up something for mom. Back in the 70's there were no open container laws, so as long as you were not intoxicated, it was perfectly legal.   I can now envision a day when our children will remember when we used our handheld cell phones to text and call
  • Legacy and leadership

       "Life is about leaving!" This is the response I gave my oldest son as we began preparation for another permanent change of station move.   This was the first time we had been able to stay at one base for at least three years and he had become settled in his high school life. Now we were moving again, and he was going to have to adjust - again!  
  • Ignoring Safety - It's a Slippery Slope

       Last week I was driving through River Oaks and noticed a crew cleaning off the top of a large water tank on Robert's Cut Off Road. Like any good work crew, there was one person doing all the work and two other people standing there "supervising."   The best part of this scene was seeing the worker blasting away with a pressure washer while