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  • As goes the skipper... a first sergeant's perspective

    "In the darkest night, and during the fiercest storm, with fear and panic on every face... ... As goes the Skipper, so goes the ship..."When success prevails and trouble cannot be seen in distant clouds, With peace and calm in every space As goes the skipper, so goes the ship. I've heard Major Alan

  • Keep your (eagle) eyes open

    Imagine standing on a hill overlooking a serene, open field. A breeze is lightly blowing and the weather is just right for a pleasant fall day. The air is so clear, you can see for miles. Then, from the horizon, you see a plane flying lower than it should be. As it gets closer, your eyes widen when

  • Character Determines Success - Part Two

    (Editor's Note: This commentary is the second in a series focussing on mentoring and leadership to developing character)In July I introduced the Character First website: This month, I'll continue with the next seven of the 49 character qualities. As leaders, we have a

  • Proud to have been your 'Wingman'

    Ladies and gentlemen of the 301st Fighter Wing, I will be leaving as your commander on April 5 to assume duties as Commander, Air Reserve Personnel Center in Denver, Colo. Being a member of your team has been the highlight of my career. Never in my life have I seen a group of people who love their

  • You can count on me cause I'm your Wingman

    You can count on me, even when it's not convenient ... can I count on you? Do you know why I ask? It's because I'm your wingman. I have your back. Even when I've worked 16 hours and I finally get a few hours sleep in a rickety bunk-bed in the desert ... even when I have no idea how to help you. I'll

  • Praise Him for the gifts He brings this holiday season

    One morning, on the way to work at my civilian job, I heard an interview from a 106-year old woman on National Public Radio's Morning Edition. She was the daughter of an emancipated slave. The interviewer enumerated all of the historical events this woman had witnessed - many of which were horrific.

  • Angel Tree helps sustain spirit of giving

    This season will soon be here for the Angel Tree project. For those who are not familiar with this event, this special project's goal is to provide gifts to the 301st families who may need "a little help" this Christmas. In the 301st Fighter Wing's headquarters front hallway, Bldg. 1654, cards will

  • Use your voice to make a difference in matters that count

    Do you want to know what issues the Senators are voting on or how they voted on a certain Bill? Do you want the military reserve retirement age reduced; better dental and medical benefits; environmental concerns; local government issues? Well, here's how it works. First, I must warn you that writing

  • Path to greatness remains with you

    Each Unit Training Assembly, the training requirements that greets each Airmen seems never to diminish but, instead, continues to increase. From fitness training to countless computer-based training modules, when is there ever time for an Airman to become proficient in the craft the Air Force has

  • Getting to know the vice commander: where the rubber meets the road

    Editor's Note: This is a post contingency deployment interview with Col. Robert "Mort" Mortensen, 301st Fighter Wing vice commander, at Naval Air Station Fort Worth, Joint Reserve Base Carswell Field, Texas. The interview was conducted by Tech. Sgt. John Snowman, 301st Fighter Wing historian, on