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  • Giving change a try can open new doors

    I'm Michael Murray, the Noncommissioned Officer In Charge (NCOIC) at the 301st Fighter Wing Airman and Family Readiness office. I began my active duty Air Force career in Munitions Systems Technology in 1992 at Bitburg Air Base, Germany. After two years, I changed stations to Holloman AFB, N.M., for

  • Giving -- most important holiday theme

    We are in the midst of a wonderful time of the year. With the Thanksgiving holiday passed and Christmas on the horizon, it is a time for family, fellowship and celebrations. Recently, I reacquainted myself with the history and traditions of the three national holidays we observe from November 11

  • Gifts from heart not measured by cost

    If you're like most people, you are facing one of the most difficult decisions of the year: trying to find the right gift for the right person. You want to be efficient with your time and money, but still convey your love or friendship for others by what you give. I have a friend whose mother-in-law

  • October is domestic violence awareness month

    Just as Sexual Assault is incompatible with Air Force Core Values, so is Domestic Violence. Those who came to the Reserve from Active Duty may have some acquaintance with the Air Force Family Advocacy Program. As stated in the Air Force Reserve Command's behavioral health Web site: Family Advocacy

  • Reservists balance life taskings by keeping a clear focus

    The October Unit Training Assembly provides a well-deserved opportunity to relax, bring the family, and enjoy an afternoon at the Family Day Extravaganza and Picnic. Even as many of you are catching your breath from the last deployment, we are looking at another deployment next year. In an

  • Medical warriors are trained, ready for action

    As this great country of ours continues its War on Global Terrorism, the men and woman of the 301st Aerospace Medicine Squadron and the 701st Medical Squadron stand ready to provide outstanding comprehensive medical care to our men and woman during combat and peacetime. The Air Force Medical System

  • Demonstrate leadership in the presence of adversity

    Base realignments and closures, reduction in forces, uniform changes and Enlisted Performance Report/Officer Performance Report revisions highlight today's Air Force. So much variability in our service can raise the eyebrow of the most optimistic of military professionals. What is the challenge

  • Remembered 9/11 anniversary with vigilance, Eagle Eyes

    Where were you when you saw American Airlines Flight 11 hit the New York Trade Center's north tower? Once again we approach the anniversary of 9/11. We remember the terror that not only changed the world but touched every 301st Fighter Wing member and their family's lives -- it's been six years. As

  • Serving others can offer sense of fulfillment

    In my Air Force career, I have changed fields many times, always following the calling of service -- new fields and new training have helped keep me striving and provided extra incentive to reach for something new and different in my military career. Some of those career fields could be considered

  • 301st Fighter Wing; on time, on target for success

    It is hard to believe 12 months have gone by since I became the 301st Fighter Wing commander. I am proud of the level of commitment and motivation displayed by the 301FW members. Almost every specialty in our wing has been deployed or has had something to do with supporting a deployment. Our wing is