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  • Remembered 9/11 anniversary with vigilance, Eagle Eyes

    Where were you when you saw American Airlines Flight 11 hit the New York Trade Center's north tower? Once again we approach the anniversary of 9/11. We remember the terror that not only changed the world but touched every 301st Fighter Wing member and their family's lives -- it's been six years. As

  • Serving others can offer sense of fulfillment

    In my Air Force career, I have changed fields many times, always following the calling of service -- new fields and new training have helped keep me striving and provided extra incentive to reach for something new and different in my military career. Some of those career fields could be considered

  • 301st Fighter Wing; on time, on target for success

    It is hard to believe 12 months have gone by since I became the 301st Fighter Wing commander. I am proud of the level of commitment and motivation displayed by the 301FW members. Almost every specialty in our wing has been deployed or has had something to do with supporting a deployment. Our wing is

  • Doing more with less reflects current, future outlook on missions

    Doing more with less is a phrase we constantly hear these days. One result is a Unit Training Assembly weekend crammed with more things to accomplish and fewer hands to get them done. We constantly read articles from leadership telling us we are more advanced, better trained and can do more with

  • Only the best will do for our Air Force

    Have you ever read a quote that made you really stop and think? One that really got me was from Oprah Winfrey. She stated "Doing your best at this moment puts you in the best position for the next." In our world of constant deployments and unknown time lines, it is imperative we make the most of our

  • New vice brings decades of Fighter Wing experience

    I'm utterly thrilled to be your vice wing commander! Let me tell you a little of what I've learned during my wonder-filled career with the 301st. I left active duty in 1984 and joined the 457th Spads as an F-4 Weapons Systems Officer, the same job I performed while active. As a new reservist I

  • Your Flag: Honor me, you honor our fallen

    I am your Flag and I proudly represent the greatest country in the world - the United States of America. This month, on Memorial Day, you will see me adorning the graves of comrades who have made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom and liberty. A lot of blood has been shed to keep this nation free. I

  • Glad to be onboard

    Let me tell you a about my interesting route to the 301st. I have been involved in aviation for more than 25 years through various positions with the Air Force, Air National Guard and Navy, starting as a crew chief in the mid 70s. I transferred to the Michigan Air National Guard until 1983 when I

  • Spring cleaning can refresh from head to toe

    Spring is such a refreshing time -- filled with the hope and promise of the seasons ahead. The flowers are blossoming and our spirits are lifted. Reflecting upon this season, I am reminded of what activities are ushered in by the season of spring. Yes, you're right, spring cleaning. You know, the

  • Every Airman is a role model

    I'm sure we've heard "Every Airman is a Wingman"; "Every Airman is a sensor"; or "Every Airman is a communicator." These are all catchy phrases that are used in speeches and newspaper articles from Air Force leaders. I would like to offer yet another - "Every Airman is a role model." Contrary to

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