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  • Glad to be onboard

    Let me tell you a about my interesting route to the 301st. I have been involved in aviation for more than 25 years through various positions with the Air Force, Air National Guard and Navy, starting as a crew chief in the mid 70s. I transferred to the Michigan Air National Guard until 1983 when I

  • Spring cleaning can refresh from head to toe

    Spring is such a refreshing time -- filled with the hope and promise of the seasons ahead. The flowers are blossoming and our spirits are lifted. Reflecting upon this season, I am reminded of what activities are ushered in by the season of spring. Yes, you're right, spring cleaning. You know, the

  • Every Airman is a role model

    I'm sure we've heard "Every Airman is a Wingman"; "Every Airman is a sensor"; or "Every Airman is a communicator." These are all catchy phrases that are used in speeches and newspaper articles from Air Force leaders. I would like to offer yet another - "Every Airman is a role model." Contrary to

  • Getting fit is more than just getting your body ready

    During this era of high operations tempo we face an increased emphasis on mission preparedness and training demands. We are also challenged to identify which requirement is top priority? Frankly, competition for number "one" is intense; we often try to do two or three things at once. But if you're

  • Improving mission, lives key to our success

    Hello fellow Airmen. It has been 90 days since I took command of the 301st Fighter Wing. One of my goals has been to visit each unit and each member of the 301st FW. Another goal was to talk with each group commander, medical squadron commanders and senior supervisors, to learn what we can do to

  • Family matters: take care to take care

    Over the past few years, the role of the Air Force Reserve has changed. Our deployments have become longer, more frequent, and more vital to the success of the overall Air Force mission. More and more, we are being asked to deploy to all stretches of the world, often placed in extremely dangerous

  • Sprints to finish line define deployed duties

    "Eagle, Eagle, this is Guardian, over. "Go ahead Guardian. "Eagle, be advised we have a Code-XX at Gate 1, over. I say again, we have a Code-XX at Gate 1 at this time, over. "Roger that, I'm en route." This is an example of many radio calls I have received during my time here as the 64th Air

  • Preparing for annual fitness should be routine, not torture

    Physical fitness is very crucial to our success, units and to the Air Force Reserve. We live in a much different world today. Events have caused the Air Force to deploy to all regions of the world with many different conditions. Some of you have been deployed to those regions and know the importance

  • Developing tomorrow's leaders take active mentoring

    Effective leadership doesn’t reside solely in senior squadron leadership positions. Leadership is also demonstrated at the section level where NCOs are appointed as first-line supervisors. These NCOs are depended upon to effectively motivate and lead their direct reports to accomplish assigned

  • Moving at the speed of life

    People are alike in that we seem to all start out in life at the same speed, but we each have our own obstacle course. Some obstacles never change your momentum, others slow you down a little bit — or a lot —but some obstacles stop you dead in your tracks. I have always liked things that fly high