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  • Sprints to finish line define deployed duties

    "Eagle, Eagle, this is Guardian, over. "Go ahead Guardian. "Eagle, be advised we have a Code-XX at Gate 1, over. I say again, we have a Code-XX at Gate 1 at this time, over. "Roger that, I'm en route." This is an example of many radio calls I have received during my time here as the 64th Air

  • Preparing for annual fitness should be routine, not torture

    Physical fitness is very crucial to our success, units and to the Air Force Reserve. We live in a much different world today. Events have caused the Air Force to deploy to all regions of the world with many different conditions. Some of you have been deployed to those regions and know the importance

  • Developing tomorrow's leaders take active mentoring

    Effective leadership doesn’t reside solely in senior squadron leadership positions. Leadership is also demonstrated at the section level where NCOs are appointed as first-line supervisors. These NCOs are depended upon to effectively motivate and lead their direct reports to accomplish assigned

  • Moving at the speed of life

    People are alike in that we seem to all start out in life at the same speed, but we each have our own obstacle course. Some obstacles never change your momentum, others slow you down a little bit — or a lot —but some obstacles stop you dead in your tracks. I have always liked things that fly high

  • Education, not just career stepping stones

    As the Air Force makes changes, professional development takes on more importance because advancement is becoming increasingly competitive. I use the word competitive as opposed to difficult.      Brig. Gen. August V. Kautz nailed it in his book, The 1865 Customs of Service for Non-Commissioned

  • This year -- you deserve some credit

    Did you know you can lose your security clearance due to bad credit?      Did you also know:      * Your commander, first sergeant, security manager, and civilian employer or supervisor are not authorized to obtain or review your credit report unless you give it to them willingly?      * The Defense

  • UCI fever – catch it

    In just a few weeks you’ll have the opportunity to “open your books” to the Air Force Reserve Command Inspector General and show off why you think your shop, and this wing, are OUTSTANDING. The Unit Compliance Inspection is basically an open book test, and the IG is comprised of top-tier functional

  • Mission continues after inspections cease

    By the time you read this, our UCI, MSEP and HSI inspections should be in the winding down stage. I want to thank everyone for stepping up and showing the inspectors what I have known now for three years and counting — the 301st Fighter Wing is second to none. Remember that we will celebrate the

  • Manage fatigue: Get enough sleep

    Fatigue is a modern day impairment most of us have come to accept without resistance. Given the right tools, however, there are many ways to manage it.      Sleep research has come far in recent years -- exploring sleep physiology to counter the effects of decreasing fatigue and performance.     

  • Understanding the season of renewal and blessings at Easter

    In April, two religious communities celebrate significant holy celebrations. In the Jewish community, Passover will be celebrated.      In the biblical account, the people of Israel were enslaved in Egypt. God sent Moses to deliver them out of this bondage. After the king of Egypt, Pharaoh, refused